If I Had A Chance To Speak To Pratyusha Banerjee

If I had a chance to speak to Her ,
I would have told her
Nothing , nothing at all
is worth destroying Yourself.
Heart Aches
Losing a Job
Having to Break Up
Broken Dreams
Being Broke
Being Rejected
Being Unhappy
Everything can be Fixed
But not your
Heart Beats
Broken Soul
You are Wrong
Do Anything
Let Pain leave You
Let Go
Not Good
For You
But Live
Death would Hurt
more than
This Life
Do Not Leave
You Matter
India has been listed as World’s Most Depressed Country. This should have never happened to a Nation that is often referred as ” The Enlightened One “
What Went Wrong with Us .
What Happened to Us.
Have We Completed Cut ourselves Off from our Roots ? A Tree dies without it’s Roots.
Values are Extinct. Honesty and Loyalty are a passe.
Goodness is Mocked.
We have to talk about Depression. It is very much present in our Country. We have to learn to Express our Fears and Accept our Flaws.
Nobody is Perfect. Nobody has all the Pieces together. What we see is not always the Truth.
Life is Difficult for all of us , but We are not allowed to Give Up.
The Only One Thing that we have is Ourselves. We do not have the right to Destroy something that we are unable to Create.
Peace be bestowed upon my People.
Listen when People say they have suicidal thoughts. Be there for Each Other. Help and Build each other up.
Do whatever you can do to save a Life from Depression.
Bring Back Yoga and Meditation to your Homes.
Talk to your Loves Ones.
Make Sure they Have You in times of Distress.
Be Human for God Sake.

3 thoughts on “If I Had A Chance To Speak To Pratyusha Banerjee

  1. I have just written on this topic too. A little compassion and kindness can go a long way. If only we had someone to give us hope, I think the journey would be a little less difficult. You have written it well, my love.


  2. I abide by what you said Aathira. Kindness can go a long way. In the end , God is always watching over us.

    May she rest in Peace. Our Media is already tearing down her Image. It has become the New – Arushi Talwar Case


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