You are a Sacred Land , Chose Your Travellers Wisely

” Energy is Contagious , Positive and Negative alike.I will forever be mindful of What and Who I am allowing into my Place ”


We grew up listening to Mythological stories where a Saint had the power to destroy you with his words. They referred to it as a ” Curse ” . Words are Powerful. Our Thoughts determine our Destiny.

We can not escape from the Negative Energy that surrounds us. The Thoughts people create about us will always reach us. Any wrong Karma would invite Negative Energy from people towards us.

The Best Kind of Revenge is Forgiveness and Understanding. Forgiveness is a trait of Strong , Weak can not forgive. We can not hold the weight of Grudges on the Right Path. It takes tremendous strength to forgive the ones who have wronged us . It calls for Integrity of a Character to look beyond the Hurt.

Keep your Circle Positive. Let nobody ever come to you without leaving Happier. Accept People as they are without getting Attached to anyone. The attachment would make you bleed in the long run. Betrayal often comes from the ones who were closest to our Hearts.

As you grow professionally , emotionally , financially and spiritually , your Hurdles become stronger. Only the Best ones reach the Top. As you start climbing higher , the winds get stronger. As you Grow , You also Break Down. You cut yourself off from People who were a barrier to your Growth.

You are Judged. You are Criticized. You are Distrusted. You are Framed. It’s a part of Growth.

If we are always looking at what another has in his Plate , We will never have enough. We can never be Satisfied and Happy with ourselves.

Personalities , Traits and Habits do rub off , Chose your Travelers wisely. You become like the 5 People you spend most of your time with.

Jealousy is a Disease. Being Sad about someone else’s Happiness is a sickness. It is a Belief that If another would be Unhappy , I would be Happy. We do not realize how Poisonous is this Emotion for our Happiness.
If we surround Ourselves with People who are below us , They would only pull us down. Chose your Travelers wisely.

” Safar me Dhoop to hogi , Agar chal sako to chalo ” 


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6 thoughts on “You are a Sacred Land , Chose Your Travellers Wisely

  1. Hi Nikita . Yes , Forgiveness is not everyone's cup of tea.Sometimes even I feel like I can't forgive few people in my life who have been continuously trying to give me a hard time.Though I know forgiving them is best thing to do for me as well but Sometimes I just Can't . I really needed this Post. Thank You 🙂
    Actually Had included Adsense in the Old Look of my Blog itself( Customized One) so When I converted it to this one , It automatically Shows up in the already chosen locations I selected in the Earning pages . So Technically I don't have any idea regarding it. Sorry 😦


  2. Hey Anoosha ,

    Thanks for the Adsense Info. There might be some technical issues with my Blog. I am unable to add them inside the Post.

    Secondly , Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves. We have to be Light and Free from all Grudges to live a happy life. I am reading Mitch Albom's Five People You meet in Heaven which is only strengthening my belief in Forgiveness and Gratitude 🙂


  3. I love your Thoughts. You are a Great Soul. It takes courage to say that being unhappy for someone else's happiness is sick.

    The whole world is rotting and to have few souls shining like you makes me smile..

    Bless you angel


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