God Knows What He is Doing

Hold on , God knows what He is doing 

Call me a Dreamer but I still believe in Kindness and Goodwill. I have a faith that someone who is above all humanity is watching over me.
I could be in the middle of a mess but I know good things are coming. It could take as long as forever for me to accept that people are not there for you , they are for themselves.
I have always been the ” more giving ” person in all relationships of my Life. When I am loved , I make it a mission to love people back twice. And I have been terribly betrayed and left alone by the same people
I have been abandoned when I needed them the most. And this is why I always stick around with all the people. I know how it feels when you are slowly breaking down inside and nobody even notices.
There were Years when I cursed my Sensitivity. Years later , I realized that this is all I have , this is who I am. I can not run away from this one thing that probably defines my very existence.
I accused God of creating me like that. I blamed my parents for bringing up so. I have been Wrong all my Life.
God knows what he is doing. Everything that hurts us is teaching us a lesson.
Until and unless , we learn the lesson , pain stays.
Breaking down is a part of Growing Up.
What we need during tough times is Faith in God and ourselves that we will sail through storms.
Accept every Inch of who you are . Love yourself for all your mistakes. Respect yourself for all the times when you stood strong in the face of a storm.
And the people who are slowly digging holes and not rowing your boat will face their own Karma. God is watching over all of us.
In the end , it’s not between them and You , it’s between You and God.
My Revenge is Understanding – Twitter
I do not know why I keep saying this all the time – I could be Dead tomorrow. The Name and Fame shall be buried alongside my body. What remains is the memories I collected , relationships I lived and how much I loved.
All of us have been struggling so hard to carve a niche for ourselves and be remembered. We have forgotten that we do matter already.
Everyone has their own Beliefs. There is a story behind why people do things that they do. We need Acceptance .
We need Faith in ourselves.
Anything that annoys us about another person can bring us to a deeper understanding of our own self.
P.S – This is something I wrote for Myself . Do not assume.

16 thoughts on “God Knows What He is Doing

  1. Everything that hurts us is teaching us a lesson? What we need during tough times is Faith in God. I used to believe in those words. But not in the last 2 months. What happened to me has no rhyme or reason. I don't want to say more in a public forum.


  2. Oh you moved back to USA. I did not know that. I want to write to you. But I don;t know your email address. You can get mine from my blog.


  3. Very Inspiring ! Also can relate to most of it. Thankful for the Wonderful post as It helped me uplift myself and igniting the very much needed Spark in me . Since couple of Days was feeling like I have no purpose on this earth but You made me believe Nobody is created without a purpose.Have a Nice Week ahead 🙂


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