Of Dreams and Reality

Maybe, I do not say the right things to right people at the right time.Neither knows the Art of Winning People. Nor the Attitude of getting Things Done.
I am horrible at Pretending. I always get caught. A Complete Stranger can look into my eyes and make out that I am Sad / Happy.
I can not go on Liking and Posting Comments on every Post of 500 Friends for the sake of getting likes back.  I know the Best of Writers who are on the spree of liking everything that shows up on their wall 20 hours a day. 
I am terrible at networking. I do not make friends easily. I struggle to strike a conversation with a stranger sometimes. I do not remember anyone telling me that they were Impressed by me in the first meeting. It can take as long as forever for me to open up with people. I could talk to you every day about all the things and there might be chances of you not having slightest details of who I am inside.
Secretive and Introvert. Reserved and Unfriendly are the words that are often thrown upon me like stones. For me, Relationships means everything. I would not keep you around because you could be of help someday.
The Things that matter to me are on the verge of extinction – Kindness, Gratitude, Selfless Love, Equality of all species.
I suck at a million things that are mandatory to survive today.
What I do Right is – I stick around when I am needed. I won’t let you give up on your Dreams. I find my own happiness in smiles of the ones I care. I keep it Simple.I say what I mean or don’t say anything at all.
I will wait as long as it takes to realize my Dreams, what I will never do is pull another down so I could climb up. I believe in Goodness. What you give away, comes back tenfold.

4 thoughts on “Of Dreams and Reality

  1. I related to this… Sounded so like me… “I would not keep you around because you could be of help someday” – the best thing you can do for others and more importantly yourself..


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