Small Talks Were Never My Cup of Tea

I have outgrown the Idea of being around People. I am completely at ease being alone, bereft of all human connection. I realized how consuming can being around people all the time be. You may consider yourself extremely privileged if I occasionally call you to talk about things. I am quite popularly called the ” One who never picks up her phone “.
 I would rather stare at an empty wall than participate in an empty conversation  Reminds me of Hollowness. People, well most of them are already dead inside, they are walking, sleeping, eating and drinking but they have stopped living.
I want to talk about the Politics, Religion, Society, Culture, Humanity, Arts, Universe, Ideas, Beliefs, and Literature. Contradictorily, I am surrounded by people who talk about Selfies, Calories, Shoes, Cosmetics, Chaat Papdi, Shadi, Parties, Daru, Serials and Food.
It amazes me that some of us can keep on talking about Food all day. No offense to anyone.



Rhinoceros – A Play ” by Eugene Ionesco in Martin Esslin‘s study of post-war avant-garde drama, “The Theatre of the Absurd” depicts our People. It is woven around a group of people who turn into Rhinoceros one after the another without any valid reason. They were following the crowd mentality.



” Everyone has been doing it. Why shouldn’t I ” is what our Society has become.


The belief that ” Everybody does it ” shows the Insecurity and Courageless nature of an Individual who is too afraid to not follow others.
– Everybody is becoming either a Doctor / Engineer
– Everybody is getting married at 25 and making babies
– Everybody is checking in IGI for honeymoon
– Everybody is Running and Gyming
– Everybody is posting Pictures of everything
– Everybody is an  f***  Idiot



Individuality is Extinct
Within 50 years, we should start looking exactly like each other. Robots in making.
What attracts me in People is Honesty and Innocense, also Intelligence and Compassion. I want to be around people who make me question my own beliefs, who destroy the way I see the World, who shake apart everything with words.
I want Conversations that make me Laugh and Cry, not just Smile. I love being around people who are Open Minded.They do not understand the concept of Rigidness.They are excellent Listeners and most Captivating Speakers.

I want People to talk about things that excite their soul. I want people to talk about their Dreams. You should look into their eyes when they talk about their Passions, their tiny eyes begin to Glitter.I wish people could look into each other’s eyes and tell the truth. A Simple Truth like, ” No, I am not okay. I am worried, depressed and shattered ” instead of saying ” I am just tired”

Conversations are the very essence of Human Relationships. We might be connected to all corners of the world sitting in our rooms but Are We Speaking the Truth in our Hearts?
Do we have our own Voice /Are We just echoing the words of our Parents, Teachers, Friends, and Colleagues?
Ask Yourself.

17 thoughts on “Small Talks Were Never My Cup of Tea

  1. I was a rhinocerous. But a change began because of one person, just like you who shoke me and said I was losing myself. Yes I do talk about food and all the things you said, but I also do talk about all the things you wished for.

    Off to google about the play you mentioned. Sounds interesting.


  2. Hi Nikita. Totally Agree with you . Today everyone is busy being an Echo and do not to be a Voice. We are trying to be a part of So called Society which Judges more and Thinks less. Not Everyone dares to take the less trodden road even if they know that's the right one just because they are too scared that They would be left alone. Nowadays Everyone is just existing and merely living . Amazing Post , Reading it always makes me feel better 🙂


  3. I totally relate to your words here, the ability to talk openly to another human being is a beautiful thing in itself. It's unfortunate that some people do simply echo the words of others, instead of embracing their own.


  4. Those carrying essence within can't pocket shams, fake give and take of compliments, masks of simulation and dissimulation. They would rather love and be replenished by their sweet solitude than stand forlorn amidst the crowd of pretentious souls like a baby in the woods. Would that we had things simple, emotions genuine, mutual care independent of the hope to be rewarded back.


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