Everything is Slipping Away

I have been feeling since past few days that everything is slipping away from my hands – people , things and parts of myself.

Few days back , I accidentally deleted all Pictures from my Blog. I struggled for days but could not find a way to restore them. I thought about making few dollars from my Website owing to a good number of visitors , it got messed big time too. And today , I lost all my work – poems , short stories and articles that I had saved for publication. A good 20,000 words that I had penned after long , tiring , retrospective moments.

Things are falling apart. That is why I know Great Things are about to come very soon.

Last few months have changed me tremendously. I have become more accepting and adjusting of other people’s opinions. I learned to see Other as Right. I have broken pillars of my strong , old beliefs to make space for new ones.

I am learning , growing and evolving. I have found new ways of living life.Β 

The soul never is in need of another soul , It understands that everything one seeks lies within him but as we see ourselves as Bodies and not Souls , we are lost . We look outside for everything that we need and often we are not given what we deserve.

Look Inside and You’ll find all the Answers.


10 thoughts on “Everything is Slipping Away

  1. I like how you are evolving. But I didn't like the line 'I learned to see others as right'
    Sometimes our beliefs are what makes us. But yes whenever wrong, evolving is beautiful.


  2. Hey chinky… Firstly I think you should stop worrying for the things you lost.The same happened to me as well,I've lost around 3 years of All my writing in blogger because of some technical problem.
    But I knew I could write better than that and ive started fresh & it is working pretty well.

    As long as one can create new we have no reason to give up.

    I've read many of your posts and I think you are an excellent writer.
    And you can create something more magical if you put your heart into it.
    You need to be bit more optimistic.There may be many admirers whom you
    wouldn't want to disappoint.
    All the best and God bless. πŸ™‚


  3. I agree that Things fall apart only to fall in place. And the Cycle of right and wrong is never Ending . I guess ,Its all about one's Perspective apart from universal Rights. But Its good to agree with others if we feel that Their thought is even better than our own .It indicates Growth πŸ™‚


  4. First things First , I am so happy you are back πŸ˜€ Had been missing your khata meetha posts so much

    Secondly , I re read and found that uneasy too – ” I learned to see others as right ”

    Thirdly , Yes , sometimes our beliefs are what makes us but to be able to look at things from a fresh perspective is a wonderful experience in itself πŸ™‚

    Hugs Ladki


  5. To keep our minds open to another's thoughts is never a bad thing, if our own beliefs are torn apart by coming across others, they were probably not strong enough to begin with. We are eternally evolving and we can learn from others and from ourselves too.


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