Acceptance is a Gift


” Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be “
One can not truly attain Happiness if he is not accepting things, situations and people as they are . It is also acceptance of the Fact that everything is on the verge of change. Things can not remain the same, whether good or bad.
Start with Yourself. Accept who you are, who you were and who you ought to become. You can not keep hating yourself for the mistakes you did when you were 9. You can not keep distrusting your own decisions because you were never good at it.  You can not doubt the person you are about to transform into because you had issues with your younger self.
Stop measuring yourself in inches and pounds. Count your worth by the good deeds.Love yourself fiercely so when others see you, they do it right.
Forgive yourself for everything that went wrong. Erase memories of Self- Bashing. Ignite Faith in your own Future Self.
Go and love someone exactly as they are. There is nothing more empowering than the belief that one is loved and accepted as they are. People transform into the best version of themselves when they are loved for their scars.
Accept the annoying things that they do, weird habits, traits and characteristics that make them Unique and one of a kind.  Look beyond the color of the skin, texture of hairs, quality of clothes, extra pounds on waist and money in a wallet.
Your present situation is a direct result of your past beliefs. When we accept all problems that were thrown upon us as a result of our own past deeds, we feel stronger.
We can Fight with the Change or Accept it. What we can not do is keep whining about it. What has happened, has happened. There is no returning back to how things were. When we accept the challenges of Life, we fight better. When we do not accept them, they fight better.
Everything is Changing. Our World, our climate, our people, our nation have been changing.
Your closest friends turn into your allies, your annoying relatives turn into your confidante, people you could not go a day without talking have turned into complete strangers.
Change is the only thing, Constant. You start ageing, your parents start getting older, your friends start having babies. Nothing is like as it was. Accept that everything you know about the Universe will change. Nothing here is to stay forever. The only one who would change with your permission is Yourself

Let me know you were here :)

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