Why I was not offended when Goddess Durga was Called A Prostitute

There has been an outrage in people since Smriti Irani referred about the Mahishasura Martyr Event of JNU in the Parliament. It did not offend me when they referred to Goddes Durga as a sex worker during a Mahishasura Shahadat Diwas (Martyrdom Day) organized at JNU.

Primarily, because  I do not see God as Durga , Saraswati or Laxmi, neither as Ram, Krishna or Shiva. I see God as the supreme soul.As a matter of fact, I do not believe in any Religion. They are mythological stories to me which preach us the good conduct.

These Events have been practised all over India for decades. It is only NOW that we have started paying heed to them


Over 15 districts spread across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand,West Bengal and Orissa celebrated Durga Puja differently in 2014. Tribals and people belonging to Scheduled Castes and backward classes in these districts have been celebrating the “demon king” as a non-Aryan inhabitant and a just king of the land, with Durga representing Aryan invaders.
They will conclude the Puja with Vijay Dashmi or Dussehra marked as ‘Mahishasur Shahadat Diwas (Martyrdom Day)’.
According to this version, it is the Brahmins and Aryans who spun the “false” yarn of Durga being good and Mahishasur evil.
The first Mahishasur Diwas celebration was organised by the All India Backward Students’ Forum at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi in 2011. Ajit Prasad Hembram, a tribal activist organising the Mahishasur Martyrdom Day in Purulia district of West Bengal, said over the phone that the nine days of Durga Puja have never been a time of celebration for the Kherwal tribes but that of mourning. “Similar ceremonies are being organised in at least 20 different places in West Bengal
According to Hembram, as tribals did not pick up weapons against women, children, aged and the weak, the Aryans sent a woman to lure him.The Aryans came with a proposal of marriage. But they used treachery and a woman called Durga killed Mahishasur, ” said Hembram.
He added that Asur or Rakshas as presented in the Vedas and Puranas were none other than natives who fought the Aryans to protect their land. “There is still a tribe called Asur amongst the Kherwals. So they are living people who are shown as devils and killed symbolically every year at Durga Puja, ” said Hembram.Like the tribals, the Yadavs also claim to be descendants of Mahishasur
Source – Indian Express
In Mysore there are small temples of Mahishashur, Ravana and other Dravidian gods and goddesses and people pray those deities – but only Shudras and Dalits. There are several stories about how the name ‘Mysore’ comes from Mahishasur

This World appears to me like a bunch of Madmen screaming and shouting at each other.

God is not an invisible man / woman who walked on Earth some thousand years ago and performed Miracles, Neither is Devil a man / woman with ten heads and six arms. The Good and the Evil are within us. We are our own Gods and Devils.All Faiths are Divine.There is only one God. Call him whatever you want

The Gods worshipped by Hindus are therefore seen as Demons and Devils by Backward Classes ( I hate to use this word for a set of people).Listen to the Video below.

“It appears that the Hindutva lobby is under the misconception that India has become a Hindu Rashtra merely because BJP has come to power at the Centre. The now deceased Vishwa Hindu Parishad president Ashok Singhal had described Narendra Modi’s government as the first Hindu government after the Mughal rule and British Raj, but this is an illusory world created by the Hindutva brigade.

This is similar to the use of the blasphemy law against those who denigrate Prophet Mohammad or the Quran in an Islamic state. Does this mean that we are headed towards being a theocratic state? This should be a cause of concern for those who value democracy, secularism and freedom of speech.” said Sandeep Pandey.

“If there are people who worship Durga in this country there are those who worship Mahishasur too. If there are those who worship Ram, there are many who worship Ravan, ” said Kancha Ilaiah HERE
Do you oppose Smriti Irani’s statement about Hindu Goddess in Parliament? Has it has instilled a Fear in the society which celebrates its Diversity. Was it was affirming the BELIEF that India has to prioritize Hinduism as a religion?
We need a little understanding about our own Diverse Country without attaching religious sentiments to Politics.

Let me know you were here :)

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