Promises I want from my Life Partner Again

Undoubtedly, I have the Best Husband in entire Universe. ( Touchwood )  But our species are known for being ” Never Satisfied ” with what we have.
Here are the Promises I want from my Hubby this Woman’s Day 😉

1-  First things first . I want you to boast of me in front of friends and family.  Every Girl wants this guy who is proud of her and is willing to scream to the world that he loves her.

2-  I want you to take my Pictures when I’m not looking , when I’m doing randomest of all things like reading a book , putting on a mascara or playing with my hairs. Make me feel Pretty even when I am in my pyjamas with messy hairbun .
3-  Be Yourself . I want to love the darkest and brightest parts of your life , your bad decisions , your childhood stories ,your first crush ,lonely teenage years, your fights with friends , your love for sci fi movies , your weird and annoying habits. I want you with all your flaws.
4-  Never judge me for the things that I do , things that nobody else knows about me and things that make me who I am. Do not look at me when I cry in theatres while watching movies , sometimes a hug says it all.
5-  I know . I know how many times I make you listen the same old childhood stories of mine again and again and again. I know you have been Patient all these years and never said No when I wanted you to just listen to me. Just Pretend sometimes that you’ve heard this for the first time, It makes me happy.
6- Bear with the melo dramatic , artistic and pyscho side of myself. I can be dramatic sometimes , it might get ugly and disturbing too . I am someone who experiences one thousand feelings in one damn day. Forgive me on those days.
7-  PDA is not that Bad after all . I have immense respect for guys who do not shy away from expressing love for their partners at all places.  Too much of expression can get cheesy but never stop yourself from doing little things like holding hands , hugging and kissing on forehead.
8- This is for Real with Couples. You gotta share everything starting from tv remote to bathroom mirror. I come first always , remember 😛
9-  Promise me that we would become the most adorable parents . I want you to be the kind of Dad who takes his children out for weekends , who feeds them , who plays with them , who knows their first kiss stories and who always makes them feel Proud .
10-  Let  us just be Weird together . We should always remind each other that there is someone who would always love them despite seeing their worst . Promise me to tell me the funniest things when I get low in life. Promise me that the only memories we create would be the ones where we just smiled.
11-  The only FIGHTS that are welcomed are Pillow Fights. Jokes Apart ,Let us never go to bed without resolving a fight . Promise me to tell me bluntly where I went wrong , punish me if required but let us never silently hide the pain we could be for each other on some days. Fights are crucial for a Relationship , I have always believed in opening your heart to people without any Fear .
12-  There is Nothing , Nothing Hotter than a Man who knows how to Cook and enjoys cooking.  My Man is Hot . Promise me that You would let me savor on the delicacies that you prepare all my Life. I love everything he cooks.
13-  You already know about all the Things that make me Happy. ” Writing me Notes ” is just one of them.


14-  Never Stop Dating your girlfriend , specially after making her your Wife. I want you to be my Boyfriend all my life , I want us to remember that we fought the entire world to be together. I want us to never stop flirting each other , never stop pampering each other and never take each other for granted.
15 – I want you to Promise me to let me be Myself. I love you madly but I love myself fiercely too. I need to be alone with myself for few hours every day .I want you to respect my decisions. I want you to support me when I stand for myself.
“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”

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