Never Settle For A Man Who Does Not Deserves You

Dear Ladies 
You should never need to prove to other Women that he’s in love with you. That’s his Job.
– Charles J Orlando 

You’ll just know when the Right Man will walk into your Life. He would not keep you guessing. You’ll never have to wonder where you stand with him. He’ll let you know upfront. You would feel a sense of comfort in his arms, You will never feel the need of asking him for attention. He would make all your fears vanish. He would make you a better human being.

If you’re giving your all to someone and it’s not enough, maybe you are giving to the wrong one 

1- He can make you laugh on your dullest of days.

2- He would be the first person you’d like to share your stories with


3- He makes efforts to talk to you and be around you.


4-  He would never let you go to bed Mad.


5 – He treats you like his Buddy. He does not shy away from sharing his past with you.


6- He always brags about You




7- He shares his secrets with you.




8 – He would never compare you with another woman.


9 –  He would never stop you from doing the things that you love


10 – He cares about your Friends and Family.

10 He knows you In and Out



2 thoughts on “Never Settle For A Man Who Does Not Deserves You

  1. Awww…This is one of the Sweetest posts ever ! Sometimes It feels like I am waiting for a person who actually doesn't exist . I have grown up believing fairy tales but sometimes it feels like they are just the imaginations of the writers . But today after reading this Post , I feel like I am not alone . There are people who think alike . Thank You so much for the wonderful Post. The Gifs are really cute 🙂


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