When The Same Words Mean Different Things To Different People

I had read somewhere long time back,

” When You Read A Book Second Time, It’s Not The Same Anymore. The Book Has Changed Because You Have Changed.”

When I read a Book, for instance, I am subconsciously identifying myself with one character of my choice. It has little to do with how the Author looks at him. He could be the Hero, He could be Villain.

My inclination / identification with a character is not affected by Author’s Portrayal of him.Probably, millions of people reading the same book will derive a million understanding of the same story.

I would like to quote a favorite line from Urdu Poetry

Yun to zamane me kuch bhi naya hota nahi hai..bas baat kehne ka andaaz badal jata hai 

Shakespeare is often referred as a Timeless Writer. His Books were written 200 years back but you find a deep connection with the events and characters even today.

It often happens when the same phrase / sentence / word is read / heard / told to one person, it has a completely different reaction when told to another person. Probably, the one who originally quoted it, meant something entirely different,

To be Precise, If I write;

Family is not always Blood Relations
One would derive the meaning that I do not love my family, another would think I treat my Friends as a Family. Some could even think that I am going through some serious issues within my family,
Ek hi baat k hazar matlab nikal sakte hain 
And this is precisely what my Job as a Writer is – to give my readers the freedom to derive their own meanings.
With Freedom comes Responsibility. I request my Readers to let me know If ever my words begin to Hurt you.
” Words and Words are all I have to take your heart away “

Let me know you were here :)

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