I do not need your Expert Advise on my Life

Once upon a time, I was a Girl who listened to everyone, obeyed elders and sat quietly in one corner of the room. I was bombarded by friends and relatives who always had a Plan about How my Life should go , they kept a track of all mistakes I had made in last ten years, they used heavy terms like It is your Responsibility towards your parents, your neighbourhood, your school, your community, your relatives and it never ended.
Nobody ever told me that I have a tremendous responsibility towards my Own Self.
And I kept on ignoring my own interests, my own likes, and dislikes, my own happiness for the sake of everyone around me. I did follow everyone else and one day, I was devastated. I no more knew where I was headed, I had no vision for my own life. I did not know who I was.  I chose to ignore myself for years.
This happened because of the false belief that people around me know better. Not myself.
Some people still find it hard to ACCEPT that I have Changed. I do not anymore care about what you think of me. I no more go around with my pile of problems and ask people, what should I do about it.I have transformed into someone who would always encourage you to be Yourself.

I have spent an enormous time of my Life in Cage. I am never returning back.And By CAGE, I do not mean Family / India. 

Cage to me was my own Beliefs, Self-Doubts, and Self- Hatred. I was not ” Happy and Optimistic” always. I gradually transformed myself into this being that I am. I was my own worst enemy. I stopped myself from everything that could liberate me.

I followed the crowd. I had no Identity of my own, no belief of my own. I blindly trusted everything that was in trend. And that’s where I am never returning back.

People always had a great influence upon my decisions, sometimes even strangers. I wanted to pursue Psychology and a stranger told me that I could not be able to clear the exams. I believed in him and not myself.

My frenemies said that they care about me. They used to talk behind my back.They made fun of me. By Cage, I also meant Toxic Relationships


I do not follow anyone. I do not wish to be like anyone else. I want to be like Myself.
Do not think you can influence my decisions in any way. The only person who is capable of doing that is Myself. I am in my 20s and still discovering myself. I still do not know where I am headed. I am learning, growing and evolving every day.

I am on the Path of Liberation. I want to be Free from all chaos of the World. I am on my Path towards Enlightenment, My Goal for life is the attainment of Moksha. I want to live each day without fear of Death. My perspective on Life is bigger than myself.

I do not regret cutting myself off from Toxic Relationships. I do not regret having an Opinion about my own Religion. I do not regret that I am fighting with my own Demons. I do not regret that I am breaking old beliefs and creating New.



9 thoughts on “I do not need your Expert Advise on my Life

  1. Glad to know that you finally came out of the cage and has decided not to go back to that cage again! Kudos to you and may you always have the strength and courage to follow your passions 🙂



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