It’s a Shame that Indians need a Debate today to decide whether or not our Flag should be hoisted

 ” Bharat ko jo karna naman chod de , keh do vo mera watan chod de ,
mazhab pyara hai jise bharat nahi , vo iski mitti me hona dafan chod de “

I am someone who would stay up all night worrying about my Homeland being a hundred miles away from it. I can not stop my tears when I discuss and debate about how Indians themselves are talking about breaking India.

It’s a shame that we need to discuss today whether or not Indian Flag should be hoisted in Colleges and Universities.  Bring me that man, who said the saffron color of my flag means Hindu and green means Muslims. If so, What color do you think is for Sikhs.Christians, Buddhists, and Jains.

For a country with more than 1.2 billion people, about 780 languages and 29 states, issues are bound to happen. It must be hard to survive a single day in such diversity but we have been living peacefully for thousands of years.

What happened in JNU and the way we are tackling the issue has planted seeds of fear in every Indian. Media has been igniting the fire by creating its own TRP. We have been quick to judge a student as a Traitor without proper research. Anti- India slogans have been raised at the University and nobody yet knows who raised it. JNU blames it on ABVP and ABVP condemns JNU for it.

These slogans can be heard everyday in Kashmir. 

Why have not we ever questioned that?

Why has there never been protests about the rights of Kashmiris? 

They do not consider themselves a part of India. Does that ache you heart anymore?

And as we played the Blame Game, there have been Opportunists who massaged our hurt Egos and we are burning here. Aren’t we playing puppets in hands of few Politicians and Ideologies who want to repeat the history of August 1947

They divided Bharat once and the whole world is a witness to what happened next. Our limbs were broken and they emerged as Pakistan and Bangladesh. We have been one Nation for thousands and thousands of years. What happened in these 60 years that we have become our own rivals.

India should have never been Divided.

And today, we have people who are talking about dividing it one more time.

Indeed, we have a million problems. Our Government ( Congress that ruled for 60 years ) was not there when the Eastern States were burnt, It was not there when Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out of Kashmir, It was not there when Justice was denied. It was not there when Farmers in thousands committed suicides.

I ask one question. Can we blame Modi for everything that went wrong in this Country after 1947? Why is everyone out there on streets protesting against BJP?

This is what is Scary about the Reality today in India.



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