CONDITIONED to THINK in Closed Boxes .Are We ?

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All over the world, people say things like – Jack has been brought up as a Jewish, Sarah has been brought up as a Christian, Rehan has been brought up as a Muslim and it goes on endless.

Bringing up a child is DEEPER  than we understand. We are born and within five minutes, our nationality, religion, caste and creed has been decided and all our lives we keep fighting to prove it the best.Human Beings can evolve themselves.They do not need strict control over them.

We have been conditioned to think and act in a certain way which is widely acceptable. We want individuals who are like everyone else. We are bringing up machines and not human beings.The society would not let you blossom in a wildflower that you are, it would restrict you to a weed.

We are conditioned to hate ourselves in developing countries and hate others in developed countries.The Hate Factor is constant. Our minds are filled with emotions that can lead to a War someday and benefit few organisations. Our Beliefs create our Universe. The seeds that are planted in our minds are unhealthy. A large portion of our information comes from The Internet today and not from personal experiences. We believe in everything that goes viral. Sadly, it’s very easy to make people believe in something in 21st Century. We have mastered the Art of moulding truth.

What are we becoming and what will we Create. We don’t really pay attention to live. We do not understand anything but we know everything. We know the Price of everything and value of nothing


The veils that were forced upon us have become our visage.They tell you to do something different but will not forget to mention that It won’t work. Rebels and Misfits are hated at every step because they had the courage to break through. They are mocked for being different. The compulsion to become ” ONE OF THEM ” is insane. What we need to understand is that our Minds have tremendous capabilities, Opening our minds to new beliefs, new thoughts and new ideas is essential for our growth. When we adamantly hold on to our beliefs and neglect anything outside our vision, we are blocking our own growth.




Stop labelling people. They are fucking breathing human beings, not boxes. It’s depressing that most of the people think that the only way they can become better is by bringing another down. Judgement and criticism are at it;s threshold today.We do not know how to appreciate Diversity. There are thousand of women who chose / were made to chose the life of a Home Maker.When people ask them what they do, they put their head down a little and say, ” I’m just a Home Maker / House Wife ” It’s not JUST to be an all rounder, to be on your toes all day, to bring up children is not some average kind of work. It’s the most difficult job in the world which is unrewarded.

I see Indians who chose to settle down abroad and have started believing they are White People. They mock at their own people. They disagree with everything that has Indian attached to it. It’s Pitiful. How low is your self-worth if you hate your very origin?

If you ask people, what is Life. They would say fancy things like Life is Love, Life is a Journey, Life is a Battle and what not. Come back to the basic facts. What is Life. It’s not even your Family and spouse. It’s that One thing that is throbbing within you and nothing outside would mean anything once it’s gone. You can survive without your family, without food for months, without water for days, without heartbeat not one moment.
Ignorance is a disease. Do not think that the things you do not see do not exist. And all the things that you see are real. Truth has multiple interpretations. Things can be manipulated and your senses should not always be trusted. Your Life is greater than your mind.

If you put an Owl and a human being on a debate on What is Light, the discussions would be endless. Light means different things to these creatures. Whatever your beliefs are become your Truth. You can choose your own Truth. Each individual can have his /her own perception and idea of Truth and Righteousness.What is right for me may be wrong for you and vice versa. Acceptance of others beliefs and truth is acceptance of your own self. You do not have to force your beliefs upon another neither you have to take shit from anyone.

Ancient Cultures had comfort with diverse truths. They never felt the desire to pick one Science or Spirituality and abandon another. They understood that at some level, they are one.For the matter of fact, everything connects.The whole Universe is nothing but energy. We, on the other hand, judge everything around us. We doubt other faiths.We are aping philosophies that are based on dangerous assumptions.

I may be completely wrong. I am discovering my own beliefs. I am oscillating between East and West, Spiritual and Mental truth, Right and Wrong  India and America, Gurus and Scientific Researches.
Do not assume you are above Social Conditioning. Ask Yourself if your beliefs are closed in a box or open for experimentation.Make friends with people who are open-minded and seek to rise above social conditioning, think for yourself and choose for yourself

6 thoughts on “CONDITIONED to THINK in Closed Boxes .Are We ?

  1. We live in a world where terrorism is at it's peak , we don't know if the food we eat is healthy or not , we don't know either we can save our planet…we know nothing and tragic part is we think we know it all..

    Yes , I agree.. We have been purposefully made to this like machines not humans..


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