Why SHOULD every Indian feel PROUD of their Motherland


We have always been a Land of Believers, Dreamers, and Seekers. The Seekers of Truth and Liberation. In the seeking we found Oneness.
We are the Oldest Civilization that existed on Earth. We have built a Nation on the longing for Ultimate Truth of Life. Our Beliefs are  Unique. We believe in ” Vasudeva Kutumbakaum” The whole World is our Family.
India is at a crossroads. Its past is slipping away faster than ever, and its future, with possibilities and challenges, is approaching at break-neck speed. Sadhguru looks at how India can offer a beautiful future for all of the humanity, built on the foundations of its profound, consciously crafted culture.


We have been named India only since 1947. We were Bharatha for 5000 years or more.
As Britishers changed our name, they also took away our Great Heritage that was Bharat.What we are taught in our History Books does not make ur Proud of who we are, It rather makes us ashamed of ourselves. Until and Unless, we don’t start taking Pride in ourselves as a Nation, the World would not see us as People who matter.
We need to stop imitating the West because we are miles ahead of them. 
India’s contribution to the World is both Profound and Multi-faceted.Once born in this country, you are supposed to be seeking Liberation and attain Enlightenment. Our beliefs are Profound.
It’s time we stop asking what India did for us and seek answers for what have I ( as an Indian ) done for my Nation?


Bharat is a spiritual culture, but that does not mean people just sat with their eyes closed. These are not people who stayed home. They went across the world. If you look back, some of the oldest docks in the world were built in this land. Lothal in Gujarat – something like 5000 years old – was a port on the Sabarmati river, near the Arabian Sea, that could berth and service ships in any season. Their understanding of the tidal movement, the ocean, and the river was so fantastic, they built it in such a way that it never gathered silt.
A much older port, down in Tamil Nadu, is Poompuhar. The structure went down when the ocean level rose by many meters. The first navigation to any part of the world happened from here. There are records and legends of people reaching South America, and the exchange of cultures and people there. It is just that when invaders came in recent times, their essential goal was to obliterate history because people rise and fight only when there is pride about something.
Largely, most of Indian history that you read today was written by the British, and they made it in such a way that nothing is more than 6000 years old. 
So, all history was limited to that time span. But otherwise, India has been a land of enterprise going back far beyond that, with people trading beyond their own borders. Through the silk route, the trade happened extensively to West Asia, though that term is no longer used today. Everyone calls it the Middle East. The westernmost part of Asia is what you today call Palestine, Lebanon, Israel and that region. There was very active trade with West Asia and the northern part of Africa.
Kiran Bedi: Is it religion?
Sadhguru: It is not religion. What we call as “Bharat” predates all religion. In the yogic culture, Shiva is not seen as a God, he is the Adiyogi – the first yogi. When Adiyogi was asked by the seven sages, his first seven disciples who are celebrated today as the Saptarishis, “In how many ways can we attain,” he said, “If you use your physical body as a foundation, there are 112 ways of realizing the divine. But if you transcend the physical body, then there are as many doorways as there are atoms in the universe.” Do you call this a religion?

Inspired by Sadhguru


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