Book Review – Daniel’s Diary


Daniel’s Dairy is a historical saga of Love, Hope, Betrayal and Loneliness.

It peeks into the Past as beautifully as it simmers the present, modern era. A Beautiful culmination of past and present heroes and in-depth study of how our Heroes might have transformed and love stories have evolved in all these years.

The novel has three layers-Akbar Jodhabai love story, Daniel Mahamaya union and Mahamaya’s death and the present day Surajsingh – Mrinalini affair. It’s not something that happens every day where a Novel talks about six lovers and maintains the decorum and intricate detailing of every character that you feel them beside you. I experienced this Book and not read it.

The USP of the Book is a glimpse of Past through diary reading. Bravo ! I visualized Palaces and Kings and Queens. Beautiful to the Core.

When Mrinalini, an art restoration expert, ventures into the ruins of Rang-Mahal and the Palace of Sumangarh, an accidental discovery of a skeleton and a manuscript detailing the exploits of Daniel, a Portuguese artist, opens a window to the forgotten era of grace and grandeur. The blossoming of love between a Moghul Emperor and a Rajput princess is seen through the eyes of a foreign traveller, who himself falls in love with Jodhabai.
The plot revolves around Daniel’s quest for beauty and passion, the ecstasy and agony of love. He marries the famous courtesan Mahamaya only to lose her. It also draws a modern day parallel in the life of Mrinalini, a woman who seeks refuge in artistic pursuits and architectural ruins when relationships in life confuse her.
Some words have stuck a chord within my soul;
There was a gleam in the Emperor’s eyes. I wiped my tears and continued, “It is not difficult to remain happy if you are truly in love.”
At least, your beloved knows about your love for her – but my beloved is not even aware of my love for her! I know that my love is unattainable, but for me, it is enough that I love her. It doesn’t matter whether she loves me or not.”
My Review – ***** 

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