And all my life, I believed that God is One.

I hear them talk about Christian God and Muslim God. They all claim that their God is better. I am sure God must be laughing somewhere.

It is like holding a piece of paper and calling it different names. The paper is still the paper. Nothing has changed but the name.


 I believe in One God. And all my life, I believed that God is One. I was born into a Hindu family, I completed my schooling in a Christian Convent School and I have a deep love for Sufism. I take immense pride in my beliefs. I understand that there is a set of people who have always used Religion as an instrument to attain Power. The History is a proof that masses of people have followed a Preacher blindly without giving it a thought.

Religion to me is not a way of living. It’s a set of beliefs and stories that preaches us a way of conduct. I do not attach any higher meaning to religion. You can survive without a Religion.Let’s not make it a question of life and death to be born as a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jew or Buddhist. Everyone is an a child of the same God.

No Religion preaches Hatred.

The ones who are spreading hatred against any particular religion and the ones who are screaming at the top of their voices that their God is the Best have never read /understood any religious scriptures.

Our Ancestors left us stories, nothing more, nothing less.

Terror is inside and not only outside. Bashing a community, religion and country in the name of peace is the most horrendous event of our generation. Our future generations would not look up to us with Respect for what we are doing today.

Rise above Hatred.

Darkness can not wipe out darkness. Only Light can do that.

Every Religion teaches Forgiveness and Compassion for all. Instead of putting someone else down for their beliefs, just look inside yourself and see how much of God’s will have you done.

We worship Lord Krishna every year on Janmashtami but we never think about imbibing those qualities within us. We worship Radha and Krishna as the eternal lovers and yet stand against anyone who wishes to marry with his/her choice. We have watched Mahabahartha as a child but never did we try to understand the greatest life lessons of Bhagwad Gita.

We celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti but we have forgotten his morals. We celebrate Christmas all month of December but none of us are willing to sacrifice a penny for another. He ( Jesus) gave up his Life for us. He taught us the lesson of supreme sacrifice and we can not even rise above petty issues of living harmoniously in a society.

Allah is an epitome of love and sacrifice. He asks us to become one with God but who remembers all that.

” We are the children of Highest God and our deeds are that of a Devil “



One thought on “And all my life, I believed that God is One.

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