Of Dreams and Reality


If only you knew that I am nothing of what they speak about me. I can choose to show you different facets of my own personality.  I can make you believe that I am a scared little harmless thing and conquer your soul the very moment.


I prefer deep conversations over people. I would rather spend a day with imaginary people from a Book than be surrounded by energy that is not good for my soul. It took me thousands of days to understand that the only truth that exists is the truth I believe to be true.
Dreams define me. They hold a key to the secret door of my soul. Talk to me about your dreams, tell me how far can you travel on your imagination, show me what you see in your fantasies and I shall be yours for eternity.
I love watching people when they are doing what they love to do. It’s a Drug to see souls paint their dreams on a canvas called reality.
I can see through souls. I hear what people speak inside. And it’s terrifying to know everything about them. All of them are looking for something that would free them from the chains of reality. Aren’t we the best self when it’s dark outside? Human beings are most vulnerable at night. They are willing to share their stories to anyone who shows slightest concerns.
Before you tell me that my world is an Illusion, Ask yourself if you too are not running away?

2 thoughts on “Of Dreams and Reality

  1. Wow ! Loved it 🙂 Its Beautifully Written and Yes , I can travel a very long way in my Imagination without the fear of Being Judged .That makes two of Us as I love spending time with the imaginary characters of Movies and Books I read than the real Ones. It feels like they can understand me even more than the Real ones.


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