When did we stop being Humans?

I don’t write for anybody else on earth, I do it for myself. I don’t want you to create stories in your head about anything. I don’t even care if anyone / nobody reads it here. I am plainly happy that I own this Blog. It is my own personal history of how I evolved in all these years.

So, Stop Judging

You have this One Life

How do you want to spend it

Judging ? Hating ? Apologizing ? Regretting ?

Run your own Race, Do not stop to look back who is behind you.

You don’t realize but there isn’t enough time to do all the things.

It’s strange how we, human beings make the plan for years without being sure of the very next moment. Life is in this moment that’s Now. You could be dead next hour pal.

And how sad is that we are seeking for things that are ephemeral – Riches and Luxuries.

Why don’t people seek for love and blessings.

Why does nobody talk about Depression / Peace? Why are we so scared of accepting the fact that deep inside all we need is peace of mind.

Somedays, I get so tired of interacting with people that I secretly wish we all Die. So, that when we are reborn we know exactly what important things are.

It makes me mad with rage that we have belittled ourselves to an extent where we see nobody but ourselves. We find it hard to even think about another person / another race / another country.

We hear and see about Murders, Rapes, and Bombs every day that it no longer bothers us now. That’s how thick skinned we have become.

Where are the things like Compassion, Greater Good, Sacrifices, and Goodwill?

When did we stop being Humans?


One thought on “When did we stop being Humans?

  1. Amazing post! I don't know you but I'm very proud of you! It's beautiful to know that there is conscious and wonderful girl somewhere in this awakening world. 🙂


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