Escape the trap that tells you – This is Right and This is Wrong.

I got rejected many times from the Good Life that I truly deserved. I strived to be someone not realizing that I already am someone.I was often surrounded by people who didn’t love me. They were the ones who were secretly digging my grave. They made me feel Small. I used to lock myself in the room and scream at myself looking into the mirror.

They laughed at me and my dreams. They believed that a Middle-Class Girl would never be able to fight the world and create her own space.

But I did.

My obstacles didn’t define me, but the Courage with which I jumped over them did.

I have everything in my Life that was a distant dream few years back.

But I still keep looking for Happiness.

The daily chores of life have taken over the spontaneity and adventure.

In search of my soul tribe, I befriended others who don’t understand me, who don’t see the greatness within me / themselves. The mediocrity has taken  over the Grandeur in our Era.

The World has mastered the Art of being Unreal. The masks everyone wears have become their truth.

We get Real when we are Drunk. The world becomes a better place when we are not in our senses, we no longer have to hide ourselves, feel ashamed of our scars or pretend to be someone we are not.

I dream of the world that has no rules and regulations, one which is not preaching every day what beauty is, what success is, what purpose of life is etc

I am tired of behaving like  grown up people who go to work every day, come back home and watch the same series, eat the same daal roti and dream about the same dreams.

I do not wish for a Life that yearns for a Vacation, New Clothes or things to make one feel good about himself

I want to be a Child again when I owned nothing and was not accountable to anyone.

You can own a good home, good car, good family, and good friends, but that does not necessarily provides you a good life.

Life has much more to it than being a Robot,

Escape the trap that tells you – This is Right and This is Wrong.

It all comes down to You. It is your own Life. You have to walk it alone. Others might walk with you, but nobody will walk it for you.

They Said –

Do Well in  10th Boards and you’ll succeed.

Score Well in Graduation and you’ll succeed.

Secure a Job and you’ll succeed

Learn how to please your M.I.L and you’ll succeed.

Lick your Boss’s ass and you’ll succeed

Get married at 25 and you’ll succeed

Have kids before you turn 30 and you’ll succeed.

Give your children the life they deserve and you” succeed

Get them married and you’ll succeed

Die one day like a ROBOT and you’ll get Moksha.

They would never stop giving their expert advice on your Life. You have the option of doing everything as everyone has been doing since centuries  or Change things for yourself.

Close your ears for anything that Society has to say and Hear your own voice just for once.


Let me know you were here :)

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