Broken but still Beautiful ….

Like broken bridges and broken vases, some relationships have been broken beyond repair. The only thing we can do is nothing to bring them back.

The best we can do is to let them be as they are, let them take few last breaths without a constant reminder that they might collapse any given moment.
Pain is a Gift. It makes you rich by experience, by wisdom and by knowledge.  Accept it. Grab it with both hands. Cherish it.
I do not wish to wear my relationships like Medals around my neck. I ought not to explain every Jack and Harry why am I sad today.
Not all relationships in my life are flowers, some of them are thorns. I bleed every time I walk through them
It is my life – broken but beautiful.
I do not need someone to save me.
Some words have pierced my soul,
I have been treated like a thing ,
not human
But that’s okay.
You must be horribly
break another
like that.
I no more have the courage to write dark. Amidst the fake smiles, unreal conversations, pretentious words – I lost Myself.
The fear of being Judged overpowers me like a tornado in my skies. I see nothing beyond that and I take refuge in Pretention because it’s easier being the person everyone wants you to become than struggling to show them who you are.
Everyone I believed was from my soul tribe left me alone in the dark.
I believe, my success has something to do with the folks I lost in the journey.
The path I chose in life, the journey I am about to start would be a long one and I have to finish it alone without further seeking any company.

4 thoughts on “Broken but still Beautiful ….

  1. It reminds me of myself few years ago !

    After the lowest point in life, i realized “We come alone in this world and leave alone only; it is out of stupidity we relate ourselves to others in between”


  2. “Not all relationships in my life are flowers, some of them are thorns. I bleed every time I walk through them”
    “I do not need someone to save me.”
    There is so much courage, hope, and confidence in your words. i just love this post. Off late, I have been contemplating about lot of things, that feeling of being lost despite moving on and on. And after reading you, I think I will pause and move without any answer to the questions. Rather, after reading it again, I just don't have any question.

    Thank you. Stay blessed 🙂


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