Delhiites – Let us teach the World how Christmas should be celebrated !

December is my Favorite Month of the Year. It marks an end to a Year, it marks the beginning of a New Year, it has Christmas, It has Joy, Love  Lights, Togetherness, Warmth and some places it has SNOW.

I have been celebrating Christmas since I was 5. My friends from the neighbourhood were always envious of extra holidays I got – perks of studying in a Convent School. I knew Christmas Carols by heart. I grew up rhyming the things they say in prayers in a Church.As I grew older, It was Christmas again that helped me find my Love. I may say now that I love Christmas as much as I love Diwali.

Christmas is the day when Lord Jesus came on Earth to pacify us. He is a true symbol of love and devotion towards the needy. The Epitome of Selfless Love.

Amidst the Happy Holidays, Santa Claus, chocolates, gifts, Christmas tree, lights, candles and decorations, Have we gone far from the True Essence of Christmas? Are we remembering Jesus as a Saviour of humanity or Are we too busy lighting up our homes without noticing the hungry, homeless that lives across the streets?

Be a Santa for someone this Christmas and light up someone ‘s Life, not only the candles this Year.

A college going student in his twenties has started a revolutionary campaign in New Delhi for the homeless people who die every year owing to cold nights. He pleads the Delhiites to donate as low as 100 Rs ( less than 2 $ ) for the helpless or send old warm clothes.

Let Nobody Die of Cold This Year. Be a Santa.


Close to 10,00,000 Homeless People in India 


46,000 Homeless in the Capital – New Delhi

Sanjay Sage   is a guy I met during one of my Book Launches at India International Centre, New Delhi. He is a boy next to dorr , he smiles like he means it, his simplicity is what makes him shine in the crowd. He is the Founder and Director at Sage Productions. His short films hold a mirror to the society and have been an eye opener for things we ignored easily.His Movies have been acclaimed and honoured.

Ulte Haath : being Lefty is the winner of the Integrative Film Festival at the 2015 Spotlight RK Film Media Awards, Delhi

Jhootan, a movie on leftovers also got selected  in the category of Public Awareness Film at Sand Dune International Short Film Festival

Support his campaign in any way you can. Here are the Details.

Name – Sanjay Tiwari
Bank Name – Union bank of India
Account Number – 554902010005094
Delhiites can meet them in person at Indian Coffee house, near Rivoli PVR. The Sage Team will be there from 2 pm to 6 pm Daily.They  are collecting clothing articles till the end of this month.
Save the Children and Spread the Holiday Joy!
For Any query Contact us : +918800302102, +919619276420
Join Us And help us Collect over 10,000 warm Clothes 

4 thoughts on “Delhiites – Let us teach the World how Christmas should be celebrated !

  1. I never knew Delhi has such huge number of Homeless..being Capital of India.

    But wondering , If we do the right thing when we help homeless people in this way. They are not adding anything to economy..they don't pay taxes, they are using public amenities and increasing population..


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