Only for those who feel their Lives have been WASTED !

I bet sometimes,  The President of United States of America  must also have felt, ” Damn it. What am I doing with my  Life ”

Being the Leader of World’s Most Powerful Country does not necessarily pays off.

Everyone you have known in your Life goes through a phase when he / she feels – UNIMPORTANT

Let me make myself perfectly clear, This isn’t True, We are all Important, Required, Wanted and Needed in Society.

Later that day, a childhood friend of mine confessed that she has been feeling Depressed since a long time. She is a new Mom and like all other new mothers in the world, she felt her world has transformed. They hardly get any time for themselves. Bringing up a child is a Full-Time Job and even the thought of doing something along with it is – Suffocating. At least not until the child turns a year old.

Another pal of mine who has started his Dream Company is working day and night but not getting results as expected. He envies his friends from Corporate with 9 to 5 jobs, fixed salaries, weekend parties, and all other perks. The Folks from Corporate, on the other hand, wish they could wake up at 11 am.

I know a girl who recently lost her mother and cries every day alone but what she told me gave me just a glimpse of how strong she is as a person. She said , ” Now , I am Fearless ”

What I am trying to Convery is – The Grass is not greener on the other side but where you water it.

Most of us are watering grass of our neighbors and complaining about our own Deserts.

Last weekend, when we visited our friends here in the USA – a bizarre discussion started, which was only bizarre for me. I am the Only One on H4 Visa which means – Amreeka ne le li AAP ki in simplest words. I can not work here despite being an  INTERNATIONAL WRITER.

They were talking about how f***ked up their Jobs are and how they wish they could just sit at home and have fun.

But  they did not forget to mention / point out that it’s shameful to ask for money from your husband. Now I had a Choice, I could take this as a tight slap on my face or on theirs.

I work as a Writer. Instead of cursing my Boss and my job, I am doing something I Love, not just love. It’s something that defines my very existence.

As if this was not enough…but Wait …

I have been asked exactly 1 MILLION times by my friends and relatives in INDIA as of what I do all day.

And it leaves me amazed …nobody asked me such questions when I was in India. Simply, because there’s so much to do in India. Remember ( Gossip Gossip )

I have been doing something since a long time. I follow someone who Inspires Others every day. They could be famous celebrities, social workers, TED Speakers, Brahmakumaris or regular people with regular stuff to share through blogs and channels.

Here are few of many People Who have INNSSSPPPIRREEDDDDD ME

Actor Varun Pruthi

This Guy makes videos where he talks to street vendors and children begging on the streets of Delhi which is nothing Spectacular but what he is doing for humanity is Magical. In his videos, you see through the Pure Soul of Poor Indians who are honest to the core. The ones who have a higher self-respect for themselves than the World Leaders cribbing about petty issues.

Check out one of his Videos

Devdutt Patnaik

This Guy I met only today ( virtually obviously ) has shaken my very soul. I look at my Culture and Traditions differently only because of him.

I salute him because he is doing something Marvelous in his Life. He is bringing back the lost glory of our Nation through Myths.

Maz Jobrani

This one is a Funny Comedian from Iran who has married a Desi Gal. His puns are full of Life and they have a message behind. He is a Proud Man..proud of his roots.

Sabi Shaikh

He is a dear friend of mine, an Ex – Rockstar, an Established Writer of Best Seller – Via Delhi. He is a living Inspiration because this is one man I know who knows no Fear. Blatantly Honest who often gets criticized for what he writes but never stops and never will

Sabi Shaikh

Sandeep Maheshwari

He is a Brand in Himself. He talks like an elder brother at home and would give you the most wonderful lessons of your life through simple stories. I adore him.

Brahmakumari Sister Shivani

I have been following here since a few years now. I must confess that she has answers to all my problems. ALWAYS.

Every Life is Precious. Our Capabilities are Unlimited. Never tell Yourself again that your life has been wasted.


7 thoughts on “Only for those who feel their Lives have been WASTED !

  1. I understand..being on H4 Visa is Hard but a different way of looking at it – it's the best time you have to make the best of it.

    Sometimes , it's depressing but never give up..And let people say anything they like..


  2. Story of my life! We all feel the same yet very few come out and actually say it. Then there are some who continuously crib about their work. We should indeed look within and find our own happiness.


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