I am celebrating my Madness tonight. Are You ?


Tell me that 1 thing which makes you stand apart from the madding crowd.

What makes you a little more insane than others.

Whatever is your breed of madness, it’s the day to celebrate the CRAZY in You.
I am celebrating my Madness tonight. Are You ?


That Year , I turned 7 years old. An old Man who lived near my home in New Delhi , India often teased me by saying these words ,

” tera byah kara du “
( Should I get you married to someone )
I used to come back home and cry. As a kid , I thought he could do that if he says so. This scared me and I wished he was Dead. What you say to a child remains and become their inner conscience. All my Life , I have been scared of ” Getting Married “
There’s another weird thing I do when I am mad with anger – I clean things around me. I do laundry , wash dishes , organize closets and decorate centre table.
It’s Insane way of my personalized Catharsis . I believe these physical activities have a purpose. It’s my way of telling Self that Anger needs to be cleansed. It’s making my home ( soul ) dirty.
I insanely miss my Parents during Festivals. My First Diwali after marriage was a Disaster. I was smiling for the world but inside I was screaming in pain. For the first time in 25 years , I opened my eyes after saying prayer on Laxmi Puja and my parents were not sitting next to me.
I can not go back to ” Normal ” after discussing about issues related to Humanity. I avoid these conversations because they lead to sleepless nights.
I get more Emotional when people tell me , ” I respect you ” than ” I love you “.
I can talk to a child for hours without getting bored , irritated or depressed. Infact , they make more sense to me than most of the Adults I know.
Someone once told me  , ” You live in your own  Dream World “
 Nobody  never heard from him again.
I sleep for 8 hours and read for 8 hours .Rest of the day is just a waste of time.
P.S – Nothing….

Let me know you were here :)

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