May be , It’s not the view but your Glasses that are Dirty

Today was one of those days when I wished to go back to sleep as I was up. Swollen eyes, incomplete dreams and restlessness of the mind that hasn’t applied for a leave since a decade,


Sometimes, I question everything around me. In trying to alter the things, situations and people, I realized I miss out on the beauty of accepting things as they are.
Messy hair buns are way more attractive than perfectly plaited hairs which smell like Donuts.
The Munchin top belly is a proof that you have someone who cares less about how you look and more about how you feel.
Getting your shopping bills paid without earning for it is a Luxury denied to most of the folks.
Having kids, that altered your afternoon activities is better than coming to empty house
A nagging mother who has a say in everything you do is a blessing to the ones who never had theirs.
 A woman spilled milk on the floor and cleaned twenty times a day, remembering the child that died last year.
The Things that you are cribbing about today would make you smile one day. The worries that have overtaken your weekend plans would be cake walk one day.
It would not make sense right now.But it will some day.
Accept things as they are.No matter, how weird, confusing, irritating and isolating it gets. Tell Yourself that one fine day, things would just be as I want them to be.
Amidst the confusion and chaos, lies Happiness and Joy.
Stop blaming the sight, clear your glasses.

2 thoughts on “May be , It’s not the view but your Glasses that are Dirty

  1. I Love you today and will love you forever no matter what ! You are a precious gem for me who i never want to become dull for any reason or bullshit 🙂 You are more important than anything 🙂 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! Muaaaaahh :*


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