I will tell you also what matters to me

People laugh at me when I share with them a part of Myself. Things that matter to me are lost may be extinct from human minds. I rarely speak my mind. I change with people that surround me. I experience Perfect Happiness when I am alone. Nobody watching over me but God.

I am Myself when it’s dark outside. Nights are my favourite time of the Day. But when I write, I put my soul bare and naked in front of strangers and they find it beautiful.

I live for these moments when I am loved for my thoughts.

Out of a zillion little things that matter to me, here are the few I almost think about every day.


  • How Life could mean different things to different people. Some of us want to collect moments, others collect riches. Some of us seek for Peace, others find comfort in restless cities. Some of us never wish to Die, others are waiting for death to embrace them. Some of us are alive in every moment, others died too early.
  • What did God have in his mind when he first created Earth, then animals and birds and lastly the Man. Probably, he carved us in his own image because he thought we would save his trees, mountains, animals and birds. Man confused it and thought of himself as the King of all other species and continues to destroy everything that he touches.
  •  I hope some day we start telling each other, ” Stop behaving like a Human Being ” instead of ” Stop being an Animal ” Poor Guys are so much more humane than us.
  •  Kindness. My heart swells up with Pride when I see people who are Kind and forgiving.
  • Souls who have the Courage to follow their heart, to walk away from the society and it’s freaking rules. The Ones who would do anything on the Earth to make their Dream come true. The Ones who never give a f***k about what people think or say about them. The Free Spirits.
  •  Women who believe they are Beautiful just as they are. There is nothing that shines more than a Woman who is unapologetic about herself and who takes no shit from nobody.The World needs  more of the Rebels in High Heels.
  • Fearless . The Ones who fear nothing. They take quick decisions and never regret any. Assurance, Comfort and Stability are not the words for them. They look for Adventure in everything they do. They are the ones who gift the world Magic.
  • Freedom matters to me. To be chainless, boundary-less, limitless and worry less.

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