10 Perceptions that change about your Parents Only after you turn 25

When I was 7, my world used to rotate around two people – Mom and Dad.  My World is upside down from what it was 20 years back but surprisingly, I remain their World till date and probably this won’t change ever.

No matter where we  go or what we do in life, we always need a Parent towards the end of the day for the re-assurance that we are protected and loved beyond worldly limits.

The Act of going Home and seeing my Parents has been consistent since I remember while it changed after I got married. I visited them only once or twice a month.

As we step into Mid- twenties, We start seeing our Mom and Dad as Individuals who ought to have a Life beyond us, who have sacrificed their dreams and aspirations for us and deserve a better life now.We finally come to terms with the fact that it’s okay if they make mistakes sometimes.

Here are the Perceptions that change about your Parents only after you turn 25:

1- You are actually their World

Be it preparing your favorite dishes for the short weekend you’ll be home or putting pause on TV as they see your name flashing on the Phone, You always come First. They will  sacrifice literally everything for you.

It can make us Sad at times remembering how our Mothers got up early and packed our lunch even when she was sick. Or how our Fathers always managed to get everything we asked for.It makes you wonder if ever you could be a Parent like them to your own children.

2- They had a PAST 

It’s so hard to imagine that our Parents had a life before us – they were children once. They have been brought up in a certain way with certain values and beliefs which they never questioned. Sometimes, they behave weird and change statements, it’s because they are Human. We unknowingly expect from our parents to be Perfect.


3- They are Growing Old

Our Parents are not as Energetic and Spontaneous as they were when we were kids. Now, they often fall Sick. Sometimes, they start behaving like children and That’s Okay. They are already unhappy with their growing age and fighting and struggling every day.We need to be Patient and Understanding at least now.

4- They’re not as Brave as you think 

Remember the only Hero we knew of were our Dads and we sang melodiously – My Daddy strongest. We believed that there’s no Monster outside that Daddy can’t beat.

They always wore on a mask of Happiness even when they were breaking down inside and pretended that everything is going great.We never had to face any challenges in Life because they stood tall in front of us in all adversities.

5- They Learn from You

While most of who we are is a gift from our Parents, it’s also True that Parent also learns from their children. The first experience of your Marriage was also their first experience of giving away their precious child to a stranger family which is equally scary for them.

They way you handle things and meet your challenges is a Lesson for them too.

6- You’re old enough to Disagree with them

Parents are the only Role Models for a child during his early years. Those days, we blindly agreed upon everything they said and followed their footsteps.

Growing Up makes you realize that you are a Separate Individual. You are old enough to take your own decisions and it’s okay to disagree with them at some point.

7- They need Love as much as you Do

Our Parents need to hear ” I love you ” more often. They are going through a stage where most of the people  begin to feel abandoned and deserted. We can express our love in simplest of things like calling them every day and sharing little things about what we do. Listening to what they have to say also counts in love.

8- There will be a time You’ll have to become their Parents

Reminding them to take their medicines and making sure they don’t go outside in the cold for morning walks, Telling them what they are doing to your sibling is not Right, Scolding them when they don’t listen to you – There would be days where You’ll become their Parents.

9- They have constantly changed themselves to match pace with us

They too were a Young and Wild Couple once who wanted to spend weekends enjoying before you popped up. Their lives changed drastically and they have been constantly running a never ending race to pace up with you and the fast changing world.

They had a different childhood but they allowed you to be Yourself which was nothing close to Easy for them. Twitter and Facebook are terms of your Generations but they are equipping well .

10- And Lastly , They were always RIGHT

They were Right when they told you to stop plucking eyebrow hairs as you stepped in Teenage. They were also Right when they suspected you were in a bad company. From your friends, lovers and choice of careers, they always had a more Poignant View of You.

Our Parents don’t expect much from us, only that we remain Happy in whatever we do.


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