The Scary Part is to Begin

If I were to name each Year in a word, 2015 for me would be ” Dreams Materialized “
6 Publications with 3 Renowned Publishing Companies. One of my Anthologies made it to USA, UK, Canada.Australia and India.
My Home – The Enchantress got listed in India’s Top 15 Love and Relationship Blogs of the Year.


I was 9 when I first had a thought about Writing. Started with a Journal, initially about how my day went. Later, I developed a love bond with quotes. I also write things that people say which have touched me, helped me grow as a person.
Being an Introvert, I was uncomfortable about the idea of letting people peep inside my life.
I still do not let people come much closer to me. Writing has been a Recluse, an escape from the World I could not leave with my own consent. It’s Purification, Catharsis, Rejuvenation, Rebirth, and Meditation.
There are days when If I don’t Write, I collapse.
It’s not a Hobby neither Addiction. It’s ….
my Life.
This is One Thing that I am never letting go, never stopping no matter what happens.
Every Time someone tells me that I inspired them / It was because of me They did not give up / Your words touch the deepest corners of heart … a Dream starts growing within.
A Dream to Write a Story which finds a place in million of hearts across  the Globe.
The Scary Part is to Begin !!
Let me Confess that I have deleted the First Draft of my Novel 20 times.




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