Insanity at it’s Best

I have NEVER in my Life used these words – ” You know what, Nobody gets me “. 
Plainly, because I don’t Understand myself either.
And Guess what, It’s pretty cool to be like that. You kind of feel Okay with being Misunderstood all the time and It never gets on your nerves. The living is a process of creating Yourself. We are new every day. Limiting someone to a single trait like He’s Happy and He’s not so Happy is madness.


There are a million cells inside our body always up to creating some or the other kind of chemical reaction. How do you expect someone to be Happy / Sad always?
Well, I’m Happy most of the times only because I feel being ALIVE is a Celebration in itself. Your Birthdays, Anniversaries etc would mean nothing when You are in deathbed. Why to wait for a complete Year to celebrate your Birthday.
And how much I pity the ones who say, ” Birthdays need not be celebrated, You are getting older and closer to Death ” A big LOL. How the hell do you know that You’ll not die next 10 years?
I’m here going to WRITE about things that I am not so proud of inspired by the Blogpost of Nabanita Dhar
Here We Go
  • I rarely accept this on public platforms but I’m a Cry Baby.
  • There are no comebacks for People in my Life. Once, I let someone walk away from me, it’s Forever.
  • I can’t handle Criticism. Frankly speaking,
  • I over analyse everything that happens in my Life.
  • I can not Pretend, Even if it’s a matter of Life and Death.
  • I do not take Revenge, I completely Ignore people like they no more Exist.
  • I immensely hate women who lack ambition.Little girls dreaming about a Prince riding a horse makes me Mad.
  • I have zero tolerance for Pretense. I never say what I do not mean and sadly, I expect the same from everyone else.
  • I can not carry forward a relationship that isn’t giving me any of the 3 things: Love, Respect or Inspiration.
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