Pale , Yellow Memories

 The Prompt for today is – Color me Badd.Write a poem talking about a color and your memories attached to it. Bring us along for the memory’s journey.


The Auditions of Grade 1V ,
The Play was ” Cinderella “
Like all other girls
I wanted to be Her.
They didn’t chose me
I was taller which didn’t blend 
with the Prince.
   I played the Malicious 
Step-Sister of Cinderella 
who over did make up.A  Yellow Dress
which had glittery stars
all over my bosom.
My friend wanted
those stars .
I tore them;
asked her to keep
them safe.I told her weird stories
that I had a forest
near my home
.Butterflies shared
their songs
with me.
Only I can see
that Forest
was my excuse
when she asked
to visit.

Written for OctProWriMo 2015

12 thoughts on “Pale , Yellow Memories

  1. Wonderful write. I must say, what a cool little girl! I would have loved to have a friend like her!
    I was always too big and burly to play the lead in the play. I got to play funny sidekicks or bullies. In the end, I always had fun, so I really didn't mind how I got cast.


  2. Loved this, it took me back to grade school. I remember the play where everyone wanted to play this character named, “Jennifer.” Oh, she was a coveted role! But she did not have a sparkly gold dress.


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