Pale , Yellow Memories

 The Prompt for today is – Color me Badd.Write a poem talking about a color and your memories attached to it. Bring us along for the memory’s journey.


The Auditions of Grade 1V ,
The Play was ” Cinderella “
Like all other girls
I wanted to be Her.
They didn’t chose me
I was taller which didn’t blend 
with the Prince.
   I played the Malicious 
Step-Sister of Cinderella 
who over did make up.A  Yellow Dress
which had glittery stars
all over my bosom.
My friend wanted
those stars .
I tore them;
asked her to keep
them safe.I told her weird stories
that I had a forest
near my home
.Butterflies shared
their songs
with me.
Only I can see
that Forest
was my excuse
when she asked
to visit.

Written for OctProWriMo 2015

12 thoughts on “Pale , Yellow Memories

  1. oh, those school plays leave lasting memories, don't they! Yes, great imagery!
    The tone in this poem reminds me of the book I'm reading called The Blue Castle by L.M Montgomery


  2. Wonderful write. I must say, what a cool little girl! I would have loved to have a friend like her!
    I was always too big and burly to play the lead in the play. I got to play funny sidekicks or bullies. In the end, I always had fun, so I really didn't mind how I got cast.


  3. Loved this, it took me back to grade school. I remember the play where everyone wanted to play this character named, “Jennifer.” Oh, she was a coveted role! But she did not have a sparkly gold dress.


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