Overtly Pampered , Spoilt Child – Yes , you heard that Right

Sometimes we’re blinded by love and start hoping against hope believing  that they would change when we’d shower love on them.
Sadly , The Answer is No.

Save Yourself .


Energy that surrounds you can empower you and shatter your existence at the same time,
Choose the Audience for the First Row. Make Decisions that help you climb up the ladder. Make Friends with the ones who are on the same journey as yours.
The Ones who do not Deserve to stay should Leave.
Just, for Instance , I have been Pampered immensely all my Life. Be it Family or Friends , I always had the last word. It struck me later that I feel uncomfortable with people who treat me like Ordinary.
Precisely , because I was not.
I cut strings from Relatives and Friends who tried pulling me down in their Gutter. Only Later , I realized that I will have to be good to everyone who secretly envied me and always wear a smile on my face even when there’s a War going inside my head.
They were draining me out. I was never Myself ,not even for a fraction of a second there.
Forget about being Appreciated for something , I was held responsible for Everything that went wrong in the World.
There were secret conversations where I wasn’t invited. If there happened to be a Hierarchy in the Family , I definitely would have stood the last or probably not stood at all.
I cried behind the closed doors and returned back smiling. That was the day I learned that Home was never about 4 walls but one heart that beats for you.
A moment of Realization that they do not Deserve me. There’s nothing they can do to have me back.
Once you make a Woman Cry all night , there’s a part of her that you lose forever.

6 thoughts on “Overtly Pampered , Spoilt Child – Yes , you heard that Right

  1. Have felt the same at times and gone through similar situations.
    But i always remember the characteristic of a strong woman – Even if she cries whole night, next morning she is full of confidence and doesn't let the tears take her away. She sheds tears just to kick out the thoughts of the assholes from her life ( 😉 )
    Keep your head up, keep your spirits high and keep your heart strong!!


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