Go and Flush the Shit in your Head

You are Perfect just the Way You Are.

Stop trying so hard to be One ..to become One.


You are Enough , You are a Gorgeous Mess. You are the Whole Universe inside the little head that never shuts the fuck up.

It’s Time to take Pride in who You Are. Ask Yourself what is that One Word that Describes your Existence ?

More the People Hate You , The More You are Living your Best.

Fuck the World.

You can never be Good Enough for them, Stop Trying. Don’t be so Harsh on Yourself. There are plenty of people willing to do that for you.


Take a Break. Look Around. Watch Sunset. Take Yourself out for a Dinner Date and talk about the Stars.

Do Something. Anything, Anything that Helps your aching heart.

CREATE something anew. Surround Yourself with Happy Souls.

Dreamers , Singers , Dancers , Writers , Merry Makers , Children – They all belong to Happy Tribes. Join the Crowd.

Learn Something New Everyday.

The World doesn’t tells you WHO YOU ARE ..It is you who gotta tell the World – This is What and How I am.

Be Stupid. Be Weird. Be Illogical. Be a Child.

It’s all in our HEADS. This one part of our bodies  RULES our own Universe. Things change when your Perception changes.

Everyone is Good.

Forgive and Forget and Move On.

Let Karma work.

Choose Happiness over Grief Everyday.


Do not keep things to Yourself.


Life is too Short.

The People who annoy you today would be dead one day and You’ll feel sorry for them. What they did to you would not hurt anymore..one day.Forgive them Today.

The People who love you today would also be dead one day. Cherish the moments .Show how much you love someone before it’s too late. Your Work can wait but Death won’t.

5+4 =9
so Is 6+3

The Way you look at Things is not the only way Things Are.

World is New Each Day.

Keep Growing.

Minds should always be Open to Explore New Things.

Accept People as they are.

Everyone is here to Teach you something,

The Biggest Lesson is Life itself.

Flush the Shit inside your Head .

Meditate. Relocate. Re Discover.

Cherish the Present. It won’t be Back.


Live like You’d Die tomorrow.

All you have is – TODAY.

Guilt is Bad. So Are Regrets.

Find your Peace.

Take the Call.

Go where you Belong.

It’ s Never Too Late,

Love Yourself.

Make Memories

Remember ALWAYS – We’re all Blessed just in different ways

Grass is greener where you water it.

Spend so much time improving Yourself that you have no time left to Criticize another.

Second Chances are Rare.

Make the most of it.

Choose Bliss.

It’s Okay if they don’t Understand your Journey.

Run for your own SAKE.

Hold the Pen.

Write your own Destiny each day.

God is on your side , always.

The Belief that World is a BEAUTIFUL place helps..

Be someone’s Sunshine

Uplift People.

Make someone Happy.

Blessings – are Earned.

Be a Mess or a Hurricane.

Be a Bliss or a Pain

Never stop being Yourself.


Let me know you were here :)

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