Nobody Defines You Woman . Nobody

What Freaks me out the most is that Indian Women do not Fight for their own Rights. How Can you stand there quietly and listen to all the SHIT people throw at You? Is this why God created You?

Ask Yourself?

You have the Choice always to walk out of situations that threaten your very existence. Do not keep telling Yourself that you need a Man to survive. You need Nothing but Yourself. Trust me. Walk out of Bad Marriages because Divorce would one day be less Painful than Killing Yourself each day.

Nobody Defines you, Woman . Nobody.

You got to take your own Decisions. Do not spend Eternity trying to Please everyone around you. Jaan b de doge to b bolenge kiya magar kum kiya.. Take my Words. Be it Anyone. Nobody has the Right to make you feel Inferior.

Ask our Leaders what causes Rape?


Sunny Leone doing Condom Commercial

Short Dresses

Rape Victims are Corpses ( zinda lash )

Mobile Phones

School Uniforms



Drinking Alcohol

Nothing causes Rape but ******** Losers who think women are a commodity and thankfully India is over flooding with such Losers. Such SICK MINDS!

But When you ask them what is the Role of Man in Rape? They say

Mistake ho jati hai..uske liye fansi chada doge kya

And We are responsible for this Mind Set to a great extent because when a Family member says the same thing, we do not Correct him / her.

Next time a man says “Main nay chooriyan nahi pehni” to define his courage, give him a tight slap. Women are not your analogy for weakness.

Mere kapron se Baap ki izzat, mere pyar se bhai ki izzat, meri naukri se Shohar ki izzat hamesha khatray main rahi. Why do I live to please

Next time u call a woman a prostitute, try imagining the horror a prostitute goes through everyday. U aren’t half as brave as those women

Read Aunty Pakistan trending on Twitter..

I have tremendous Hatred for Women who say, ” Inko pasand nahi hai ye sab..islsiye main nai karti ” Give me a Break, Tell your Man to quit one habit because you don’t like it. Just one Single Thing and You’ll know for A Lifetime you have been Exploited.

Fight because You are Human Being too.

Do not let them Treat you like a piece of flesh in bed. If a Man can not Respect You, He does not deserve your Love.

Marriage is Equality. A Man has equal responsibility towards his parents and children as Yours. How often have we heard, ” that kar aaye hain office define do unhe aram se ”

Were you not tired working all day at home? And Is he willing to cook food for you when you come back home tired from work. If YES, you’re doing it Right. If not, Wake Up.


Let me know you were here :)

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