Baby – Forgive Us


3-year-old Syrian kid lying lifeless on the beach shook the world and broke a thousand hearts. The little child was Aylan Kurdi who was on a boat of refugees headed to Greece

Denied entry by several nations, the family was forced to take this risky route.

There was only one survivor from that boat wreck carrying 7 passengers – that single survivor was Aylan’s 40-year-old father, Abdullah.

Baby – Forgive us . It’s not ISIS / Canada / Europe or any other part of the World that is to be blamed but each and every one of Us for thinking that some Lives matter Less.

RIP – Humanity


3 thoughts on “Baby – Forgive Us

  1. You are right , Humanity is to be blamed ..

    BUT i also beleive that it is RELIGION to be blamed the most .. look what religion is doing …

    I hope the people who are doing things that people have to leave their home , SEE this and understand what the yare doing .. NO GOD WILL take them to heaven if their actions bring this ..

    SUCH A sad state of affairs



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