Things that I am Grateful For

So, A very Dear Childhood Friend of mine, Sonali pinged me last night at 12 am that she wanted to Video Call me. I had just made my bed, switched off lights and was about to turn off my laptop. I was too sleepy to talk.

My Bond with this Girl is Priceless just as she is – there’s nothing in this world that is worth her golden heart. I connect with her in one million ways. And i get Depressed not Sad when she is in Pain.

Early Morning Ping of hers said –


I knew telling her repeatedly that ” Things would work out Great for you one day ” won’t help today. So, I just told her, ” Tell me about the things that you are Happy, Content and Satisfied with ” And she just won’t stop typing now. She went on and on and on. Within moments, we both were feeling Great, Charged up and Happier.

So, here’s the Unending List of Things that makes me HAPPY 🙂

1- My Husband and My Family.

2- Spending time with children playing games or listening to their stories.

3-  Reading Inspirational Stories

4- Being told that I inspire.

5- Getting 100 + likes on Facebook DP

6- Being Alone at a Beautiful Place.

7- Looking at Strangers. I adore doing that.

8- Conference Call with my School Buddies.

9- Laughing uncontrollably with special friends

10- Being at Nani House

11- Being a part of Most Wonderful Family on Earth

12- Checking out old Greeting Cards from school days

13- Reading old diaries.

14- Ice Creams of all Kinds.

15- Idli and Coconut Chutney

16- Gobhi Adraki Special made by Hubby

17- Buying New Stationery – coloured pens.

18- Being at Kids Section and wishing someone invented these toys when I was a kid.

19- Getting Clicked.

20- White Sauce Pasta

21- Red Wine

22- Stuffed Mushrooms and Falafel

23- Mexican Cuisine of all kinds.

24- Being Home Alone

25- Tambola with Family

26- Surprise Parties not Gifts

27-  Being Appreciated for what I write

28- When Angel’s Friends tell him that Your Wife is a Celebrity.

29- When Angel’s Friends become more of my friends and vice versa.

30- Rains

31- Kitchen Garden

32- Mummy k hath ka khana

33- When your Big Bro says that he boasts about you to his Friends.

34- Having Parents that are Proud of Me.

35-  Cousins who mean the world.

36- Friends who are as precious as Family,

37- Patience to wait for things to happen for an Eternity.

38- God being on my side always.

39- Dreams that I live for.

40- Every Lesson learned in Life.

Read what makes Sonali Happy here


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