I look for You Everyday

I can not tell you what Mess I create for Myself when you ain’t around. I can not even express how many times in a day I break down wanting to see you , touch you , hear you say my name.

Because there’s so much that happens in 24 hours that can not be summarized in calls and messages. I want to see that dimple on your cheeks while I talk to you. I want to look into those eyes when I say – ” I love You “. I want to cuddle as I tell you about what happened through out the day. I want to hear you laugh as I do silly things. Most of the times , I do that just to see you smile.

How should I confess that I am dying a little more everyday without You ?

You are the Only One with whom I can talk about how the Universe was created in one moment and Is my Nail Pint still wet another. It’s Because I am Myself completely when I’m with You. The Only One who lights up my world.

Only You can hear my Silence , Only you can see the sadness behind my smile , Only you understand when I’m tired . Only you can make me Smile when I am shattered.

There’s no place I go without taking you along. You are constantly on my Mind no matter what I do.
Nothing feels Right without You.


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