All the Mess that I Am

I won’t BELIEVE in something because millions have believed in it since ages. I have inculcated in these years the Courage to stand for what I believe in.

If You tell People that the Bench is painted and wet , they’ll have to touch it to believe but they believe that Someone sits in the Sky and protects us all.

I don’t just believe in God. We don’t say I believe in my Parents. I live with God. I only believe in one God that resides within all of us as a Soul. The Relationship I share with God is phenomenal. I talk to him everyday without feeling the need of lighting a lamp in front of him. He is a Friend to me.

He says , I am his Favorite Child.

I love my Country – India but I hate what Indians are becoming. Family to me is a Feeling and not a set of people who live with you. A Stranger can treat you like a Family and sometimes your own family makes you feel like you do not Belong. God lives within me and Everything that surrounds me. His Home is not restricted to Temples and Mosques.

I do not believe in carrying on the Burden of a Relationship that brings you no good. I believe in Karma. Strongly.

I won’t stop washing my hairs on Thursday or move a step back when a cat crosses my path. I would rather feed a hungry man sitting outside Temple than donate money for a Pundit.

I speak only what  I mean. Pretense and Me are bad Friends.

My Soul trembles in pain when I hear people saying ,

” They made fun of our God Shiv Ji ”

” Muslims do not believe in one God ”

” Radhe Maa says she’s pious and Pure ”

” Asharam Bapu molested Girls ”

God is becoming the most Profitable Business. Sigh.

Indians today are so blind to things. They would worship a woman who wears short dresses , sits on their laps and sings bollywood songs and call her – MAA but won’t allow women at their homes say a word. Hypocrites !

Yes , I am a Mess because I am full of conflicts inside me. I won’t take any shit from anyone , and I mean it ANYONE.

Spare God you IDIOTS….


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