The Truth is Nobody Likes Seeing You Happy

This Post might Spoil your Day or worse might Permanently Damage the way you look at the World.  
Weak Hearts -Please Leave .



You think they are Happy for You , but they aren’t. Nobody likes seeing you Happy. They all secretly wish that you fall and never rise again. The World we live in is Malicious and Devilish inside. We are forever surrounded by Fr-enemies and Relatives who wish us the worst.

People hide from others when they get engaged , get pregnant , get new job , get citizenship or whatever. Why ? What For ? Because they know the Harsh Truth. Nobody is Happy for Us. Everyone is only Happy for Themselves.

It is only your Parents and handful of Friends or one or two relatives who would jump out of happiness when you achieve Success. Others are Glad You are in Trouble and in Trouble when you are Glad.

The World is a Mirror – I fooled myself. We get what we Give. Bullshit. The World would keep on throwing Shit at you  even If you feed them pure honey. They pretend they are for you , but they are for themselves ALWAYS

They can’t see you Happy and the Best Thing you can do for them is Stay Happier. Let nothing they want from you ever reach them. Stay Positive, Stay Madly in Love and Love Yourself Fiercely because God is for you.

Nothing else matters.


Karma would f***k them. Let them face their own deeds. Forgive them even before they ask for it or never ask for it. Let God deal with them. Bless Them. Wish them Good Life. Most of all Forgive them for hurting you INTENTIONALLY  .

Cut them off your Life. ASAP.

P.S – I am Sick of such Losers who pretend they CARE and are waiting to stab me in back.


11 thoughts on “The Truth is Nobody Likes Seeing You Happy

  1. what a lovely post! I agree with each and every point made here. Almost all the people and esp relatives are damn jealous all the time even if they are neck deep in comforts and happiness. However, Karma Law never fails and cutting such people off is the best strategy.


  2. Oh yes, they are plain jealous. And frankly, they don't matter. You do what you love to do, share what you want to share but always remember, expectations only bring sorrow.


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