How Pain Changes Us


I have closely encountered people who are suffering deeply. Some of the people we meet daily and find them perfectly normal could be breaking down into pieces .

Pain makes some of us Stronger while it destroys others. The Weak Souls who go through unbearable pain use it as a weapon to destroy themselves and everyone around them.

” Some of them are going to Destroy themselves and You can not Help them ”

People often turn into real Monsters. They make it a Mission of their Life to not let anyone stay happy because they aren’t. It’s a sickness which has no cure. It is complete lack of knowledge. It is Immaturity. It is Madness.

Not all Mad People stay aloof in a closed dark room. Some of them live with us like normal beings. But they aren’t normal. They do not see things as they are. They become Self – Centered. They believe that the World revolves around them. They Hate Everyone. These are the People who are hollow inside . They are taking breaths but not alive.They died long back.

Being Overtly Sensitive and Egoistic can transform people into Dangerous and Violent Human beings. They are the ones who often talk about Committing Suicide or Murdering someone else.They talk about burning homes . They are never Satisfied. There is nothing you can do to help them.

They want nothing from their own Life. The Pessimistic Attitude overpowers them. They do not see Good in anything or anyone. They are Fearful. They lack the power of analyzing things.They are the ones who do not know Wrong and Right.

Revenge defines them. They are overtly Possessive about things and people. The ones they love suffer the most owing to their behaviour. They treat their loved ones as a Property. They start expecting them to work as per  their whims and fancies. Any Flaw is Betrayal to them.

They are the ones who were bereft of Love during some stage of their Lives which shattered them inside.

They need Love not Hatred.


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