Of Airports , Goodbyes and Love

He : ” I am asking you one more time  , Should I go ? ” , looking poignantly at his wife , He took her hands and held them against his warm cheeks. She is reluctant to look into his eyes because she would not be able to hold back her tears this time.

He : ” I don’t know. I wanted this to happen. But now when it has arrived , I ain’t happy either”
She : ” It happens. It always does.Change is never easy. It’s hard at first , messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end.”

Taking a long deep breath , she said teasingly  , ” Let’s just re-live our Bachelor Days for 45 days . It’s just a matter of 45…” and she broke into tears.


They held hands , felt each other longingly before the separation. He was trying to hide his emotions. It broke his heart to leave his wife and family behind as they bid him Goodbye with smiles.

He : ” You would be Alright , Hai na “
She : ” Yes. You don’t worry about anything right now and just enjoy your Journey.”

She held back her tears and smiled. She was happy that he chose his dreams. She believed in his Dreams much more than he believed in himself.


7 thoughts on “Of Airports , Goodbyes and Love

  1. its great when you can relate to a post 🙂
    not quite same but i had an “airport moment ” as my boyfriend came as a surprise for me. we met after 3 months
    it was my Of airports, goodbyes , love


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