Let’s Just Talk About It …

“There are two reasons why people don’t talk about things; either it doesn’t mean anything to them, or it means everything.”
— Luna Adriana

I love Expression. I adore people who are real , who cry at public places , who laugh with all their heart , who screw things up because they can’t pretend , who are never ashamed of being themselves , who feel the pain of others , who say what they mean.

We are living in such a Hypocrite Society that at times having a real conversation becomes a Luxury. We are so involved and entangled in faking emotions that it’s hard to recognize when it was meant.We , all of us , secretly wish we could stop wearing masks and come out in front of the crowd just as we are.

The Society says – ” Be Yourself “
but when you start being yourself.
It says – ” Not like This “

Disappointingly , we have degraded much beyond the expectations of our Ancestors. I hear the wonderful stories from Grand Parents and ask God , ” Why …Why did you drop me here at the wrong time ” .

I yearn for the Originality , Honesty and Transparency which might be soon extinct. It is because , the world wants us to become one of them that screws up everything , almost everything.

Nobody wants you to be Yourself. It’s a constant battle of  fighting against the odds. And You gotta Win the Race.


Let me know you were here :)

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