He Is Everything that I Ever Wanted To Have

Love is either There or Not There at all. There is no quotient of loving someone half hearted;ly.We can not wait for love to happen. Love happens to us in the most astonishing ways.People get married , believing that one day they would fall for each other.The scariest part is some of them don’t find love in each other even after 50 long years. Some Do. Others Fake it.
The List we carry within ourselves of our Dream Partners rarely does match. We fall in love with people we never believed we could. Love is Magic. Always.
I , for instance , have never believed in ” Arranged Marriages “. Despite the fact that many people I know , madly in love with each other met through their parents. It’s a Gamble. You may win or lose.
Being a Capricorn , I am not much of a Risk Taker. I had always needed Surety and Commitment.I saw him .It was like Everything I ever wanted to have was right in  front of me .I could just grab my own Dreams.
They say ” Perfect People don’t exist but there just might be someone who is Perfect for you “. He is the Man I used to dream about since I was 14. The most generous and kind hearted Man I know.
I often tease him by calling him – ” The Perfectionist “. He gives his 200 % in everything he does – work , career , family or love. His Dreams make me fall for him more and more. 
He would go an extra mile to make a stranger happy. He very rarely speaks his heart , He would never say what he wants or expects from you . The Expectations he keeps from others is almost zero. Paradoxically , the things he does for the ones he loves are Unconditional.
He makes me feel secure in all possible ways he can. He is my Strongest Pillar to hold on in times of wrath,. He treats my family like his own. He is a favorite in my friend circle.He asks for my opinion in everything he does . He never makes me feel small rather treats me like his most precious jewel.
No matter how much it costs him , he would never say ” No ” to the one he cares about. It’s a Privilege to be his Life Partner. I have been Blessed a little more than  what I deserved.
He takes Pride in me. He boasts of me. He wants me to fulfil all my dreams. He sees in me what is unknown to my own self. 
I am a 1000 times better human being after meeting him. He brings out the Best in Me. He makes me feel like the Most beautiful woman alive on Earth. He truly is my Fairytale Knight.
He isn’t Flawless. At times , he gets on my nerves too. He annoys me and makes me go mad. But loving him includes accepting him with his flaws. Something we often ignore. We can’t have the Best of both the Worlds. Love is never Easy – neither before Marriage nor after it. Rather it is a constant battle.
I do not understand why people say He / She changed after Marriage. It is but very Natural. Marriage is  a Drastic Change often Painful both for men and women. Change is very natural and acceptable. True Love is accepting each other , growing old with each other, keeping the love constant even after everything else changes.
Two Years have passed since we got married. This Post is a reminder call for my Husband that I love him more and more with each passing day,

12 thoughts on “He Is Everything that I Ever Wanted To Have

  1. Congratulations. I want to repeat the same comment I wrote for your post dated July 11, 2014:

    Congratulations once again. Want to see the same smile on your 50th wedding anniversary.


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