14 Ways to make Love to Life

Life’s a Bitch but all of us are irresistibly in love with her.No matter how much we ask , she won’t stop teaching us lessons . The Test seems to be endless but despite it’s ruthless nature , It still is Lovable. 

” If you love Life , it loves you back and If you don’t it screws up bad , real bad “

Being Alive is a Blessing. We often trivialize the small things in Life that mean everything – the Power to Feel , Touch , See , Hear and Love .

We have heads and hearts , We got feet that can be steered in any direction. We can be ANYONE we want to be and do ANYTHING we like to do – all comes down to one word : COURAGE.

Ask someone on Deathbed and they’ll tell you what matters the most in Life. We spend an eternity trying to figure out things , we question everything , we work hard to find out answers and we forget living in the meanwhile.

Here are  14 ways to make love to life  :

1-Your Time is very Precious. Spend it wisely on people and things that really matter.Some people stay with you like Parasites.You think they are for you , but they are for themselves,They are the ones who would utilize every opportunity to USE you. Cut the Chord. You don’t need them.

2- We have heard this million times – Live in the Present Moment , but we never learned the trick of it. Live your Life with the fear constantly ticking you that your last moment could be near. You can Die at any given times. The uncertainty of Life is such a blessing.

3- Money was invented to be SPENT and not SAVED. I know people who work for 18-20 hours a day trying to earn a living with the hopes of spending a peaceful old age. Earn Memories and Moments that take your breath away but do not waste your breaths filling your bank accounts for your grandchildren. ( Grin )

4- When people start talking about you behind your back . you know you have climbed the Ladder. If you worry about everyone who talks shit about you , Thou shall be Damned. Do your own thing and let the Dogs keep barking.

5- Annoy People more than you Please them. This has been reversed in last five years. I was a People Pleaser. Everyone called me ” SWEET ” and that was only because I did everything everyone else wanted me to do always.It was a Disease .

6- Be ZIDDI . Don’t let anyone stop you from doing things that you’ve always wanted to do. Towards the end of Life  , we realize that it was never between people and us.  God sent you to have a gala time. Look around , everything has been created for You. Do not let ANYONE come between you and your dreams.

7- Pain is a gift. Accept everything that life throws at you. Gratitude should be your way of Living. Every Misery is a blessing in disguise. 

8- Respect other People even if you don’t Understand them. Everyone has their own unique style. Let them be Themselves. Breathe and Let Go of all flaws. Live and Let Live.

9-  Your Job isn’t to JUDGE. We are not here to decide who deserves what and what is wrong and right. Stop judging people , events , things and situations. Begin with Yourself. Embrace who you are Completely.

10- TRAVEL as far as you can and as much as you can before you walk around with a stick carrying a box of medicines . Even if we spend all our lives travelling , we couldn’t cover 1/4th of the World. Time is Limited. Work hard , earn money and spend it in making memories.

11- Madness is a Gift. We are all a little Nerd and Psychos somewhere. We all behave stupid. We all talk rubbish . We all need a pinch of  Madness to escaped the harsh reality of the world. It’s okay to laugh uncontrollably sometimes and dance in the rain. I just made a paper boat today and re lived my childhood rainy days. Stay Childish. Stay Mad.

12- There is no relationship between Crying and Living , someone once told me. No matter what happens in Life , Crying over it is always a wastage.

13- Value People who love you. Do not lose friends. Take time out for Family.

14 – Your might lose everyone else , but you’ll always have Yourself , your life.

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