Learn how not to Rely on " Somebody "

What Women are not taught is the Art of Self Dependence. We take Pride in being Over Pampered and Protected. I see fully grown up girls boasting about how their dads or boyfriends/husbands  never let them leave home alone. I hear women saying  “my husband takes care of my Shopping Bills and never asks a thing on where I spent all the money”. It seems like a never ending phenomena.. First they make Heroes of their Fathers , later Husbands and finally Sons.Why can’t they be their own HEROES.

They Say –

” He called me 20 times that day when I went out with my friends just to check if I was okay “

” He never leaves me alone. He makes sure someone is always there to take care of me “

” We don’t go for Late Night Movies because he doesn’t likes Men ogling at me “

I say – Stop It.

Stop being so dependent on the ” Men ” in your lives. You ain’t a toddler who needs protection. You know what is Right for you better than anyone out there.

Travel alone

Learn how to drive.

Hit the Gym at time.

Meet your Friends often

Repair the Broken Things

Be Tech Savvy

Say ” No ” when required.

Make your own Decisions

It is good to have someone in your Life who takes care of you . What you need to learn is how not to rely on ” someone else ” always.  Women , do not belittle yourself. You were not carved as the Most Beautiful Thing on Earth to not be able to walk on your own feet. Be on your Own. Learn New Things. And by new things I do not mean Food Recipe.

Try Things that You never did by yourself.

We stop Growth when we Protect our loved ones.They need to make Mistakes. They need to learn from their own mistakes.


Let’s Accept it. Sometimes these words feel so much better than ” I love you “

 ” Your Salary has been Credited “

Pamper Yourself. Take yourself out for Shopping , Movies and Dinner.  Call a Party for your Girlfriends. Stop feeling Guilty for  choosing your Happiness over others for some days. Do whatever the Hell you want to do in Life but just don’t let someone else Decide for you how your Life ought to be.

It’s the Purest kind of Joy when you know you need nobody to get things done.

This Post has been Inspired from Reward Me Articles on Family Life and Reward Me Articles on Me Time

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”


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