Find your Purpose in Life and Let it Kill You

” Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing ” – Hunter S Thompson

If you can’t figure out your Purpose in Life , Find your Passion . For your Passion will lead you to your Purpose. We are here for a Purpose. We are here on a Mission. All of us have enormous capabilities within us to Transform the World for Better.
Don’t just Exist. Live for God’s sake.

Hubby read me a quote yesterday – ” Some People die at 25 but aren’t buried until they are 75 “
Breathing Carbon Dioxide out is not Living. .You gotta love what you do each and every day. Living the same Year 60 times is not called a Life. Your Life should matter to someone , at least one person in a Billion.
You know what the Beauty of Life is – to do what Excites your Soul . Just don’t sit and wait for the day when you would be a 60 year old man / woman who says , ” I wish I did followed my heart”
Change is Painful
Growth in Painful
But Nothing is more
Painful than being stuck
at the same place.
Did Anyone told you before that You look Great when you read your favorite lines from your Favorite Book ? Have you ever noticed the way your Eyes Shine when you talk about the things you Love ?  It could be anything , anything in the World. Do what your heart tells you to do .
When I watch ” Indian Idol ” and can’t get what makes the Judges so happy about a certain harkat in a song- I think to myself THIS feeling is what means Everything , Everything that Rules the World inside us.We live for these Moments that make us forget which Year is it. There are somethings that make your soul starve for more , somethings that you won’t leave for anything in the world, somethings that makes you have goosebumps , somethings that makes you cry with happiness. Find that thing in Life and let it Kill you.
The Greatest of Artists in the World are the Misfits who followed their Heart , who trusted that little voice inside their heads , who let their Passion consume them .They are the ones who were never the Favorites of Parents . They are the ones who had Dreams that reached the Sky. They are the ones who were being ridiculed and made fun of for Dreaming. The Truth remains that they never Belonged to the Crowd.

Only If all of us could find that little courage to Do what feeds our soul and not just stomachs.
” Salary Credited to your Account ” might be the Best words to hear but hey , how about – ” You changed my Life . You are my Inspiration . You are the Sun of my little World “

Nothing stands even close to those words from your Parents when they say , ” You made me Proud ” The Joy of Being Brave when you had every right to break down.

Take Hard Decisions because easy ones were never Right. Even if it hurts a little today , It sure would take you to Heights one day.

It is Your Life and You are your own ARCHITECT.

Tell me What Excites Your Soul ?


14 thoughts on “Find your Purpose in Life and Let it Kill You

  1. that was inspirational .. there are also people who didn't dare to dream and are after 25 years, possiblly even more, searching for what makes them excited.. but we can find what we're looking for, right? 🙂


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