Relationships That Define You

“There are some relationships that Define you. No matter how hard you try to cut them off roots , they grow despite unfavorable conditions. There are some people who are so closely entangled with your soul that the question does not arises – to stay or leave. “

Some of us have known each other since many lives. I do believe in this crap.

People think I am insane and stupid and absent minded. I am someone who always yearns to be somewhere else. My soul is as restless as a wanderer. I am emotionally very high maintenance . I need to be reminded each day that I am loved. I cry for no reason.Sometimes I do not even know why I am crying.

When I lose respect for someone , It’s gone forever. I have never re-respected anyone. When I let people move out of my Life, they could be forever knocking the doors and I could easily turn deaf. I do not let people go easily but when I do , they never return again. The most dominating fear of my Life is losing my loved ones.

My Relationships define me , consume me , over power me , rule me. I am someone who would give away everything  for the ones I love. Every ounce of my blood included. I do not know what Grey is. I am either madly in love with you or not at all.  I either want all or nothing at all. This is Me. I am an Extremely Extreme Person. I am too full of Life to be Half Loved.

I love Expression. I love Honesty . I love Transparency.

Things are Beautiful when they are said straight form the heart. I respect people who told me on my face that they do not like me.

I have some serious issues with people who change their statements , who pretend to be someone they are not inside. who wear faces , who stab you in the back , who are always good at your face but never at your back.


Let me know you were here :)

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