God has a Master Plan for you

I was so mad at my parents that they didn’t permit me a girls trip to Goa. What I didn’t realize was that God wanted me to see the most exotic beaches of Thailand and California in next few years.

I was scared when God stopped answering my questions – What I didn’t know was that he was working the hardest when he was quiet.

I felt  shattered when they cursed me  for things I could never do, What I didn’t know was that God keeps nothing with him. He returns everything you give out to the World manifold.

It was the end of the World for me when I lost the opportunity to be a Lecturer for 2 marks, What I didn’t know was that He wanted me to write Books.

I had lost faith in myself when they ridiculed me for my dusky complexion, dress sense, and docile voice. What I didn’t know was they would do anything in the world to be like Me.

The ones who screamed to the world that I was good for nothing now swear in my name, tell the world proudly that – She is my Friend and I always knew she would make something out of herself one day.

 There’s no stopping you when you believe in yourself and have faith in God

This holds true for me. As I grow older, I realize more and more that God has always been on my side. His Plans are much Bigger for me than I have for myself. Sometimes, God wants us to change the world and we stay stuck in a shoe that does not fit us.

Believe that you are here for a Higher Purpose than just paying bills and bringing up kids. God wants you to have all that you wish to have. Be Brave and Keep the Faith rising. He shall move mountains for you.

God Listens.

Trust his Plans. He would take you where you need to be.


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