Let Karma deal with it

Here we go ,

Karma is for Real. When life throws mountains on me and my family , I still hold on to God. My Faith re assures that nothing shall come to me that is not good for me. Whatever we have to offer to the world , comes back to us manifold.

If I curse people , I shall be cursed.

If I bless people , I shall be blessed.

If I help people , I shall be helped.

If I hate people , I shall be hated.

What goes around comes around. It is not easy to accept that misfortunes we face are a result of our own deeds. “The Universe has no Chaos ” . Everything has a reason.

Never hurt others intentionally. Karma comes back double force towards you.  One can not escape the cycle.

Somethings are meant to happen because it is in the God’s Master Plan.

The Best we can do is to Accept it and Learn from it.

Forgiveness is a gift to yourself.  When you forgive another , you free yourself from the chains. You break the Karma Cycle and clear the accounts by accepting what they did to you.

Keep your circle Positive and happiness shall reflect back.

Trust God in everything he is doing. I might not know where he wants to take me , but I trust him it would be a Beautiful Place.


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