A Letter to my Future Daughter in Law

My Baby ,

I want you to know that we are so blessed to have you. I am so Glad you chose my son and my family.

You shall always remain our Priority in everything we do. My son loves me because I carried him in my womb for nine months , I fulfilled all his wishes starting from the three wheeler cycle to marrying the woman he loved. He loves me because he knows that there’s nothing I would not do for him. He ought to love me.

But….you love me despite not knowing me. You love me only because I raised the Man of your Dreams. I did nothing for you and You are willing to do everything for me , even more than my son would ever do.

I love you because your love is unconditional. I  might never be able to pamper you like your Mother did nor cook your favorite delicacies like her. I even might sometime make you feel like ” You don’t belong here ” . I might ask you to cook dinner for the guests even when you come back from office bruised and tired . I would never like you to raise your voice in front of me because it might hurt my Ego. I might not send you flowers or gifts on your birthday. I would taunt you for many things without caring how much it would hurt there. I have the right to blame you for everything that goes wrong in the house. Despite all the hurt , pain and suffering , You still chose to stay. You still love me because I am the Mother of your Husband.

You left your Everything for my Family. Nobody else could have done that for us at any cost what so ever. You are going to love my son like nobody else could. I thank you for the promises you made to stay by the side of my son Forever. I thank you for accepting me and my family as they are You have not only created your own special place in hearts of all relatives but you love them like your own. Our Home has become Heavens all because of You. All the happiness , smiles and joys came along with you. I shall be forever Grateful towards you.

My heart swells with Pride to have a beautiful daughter like you. I want you to know that I would never interfere with your Life. You alone would make the decisions for your Life. I would always be there if you need my advise on certain things but I assure you I would never force my decisions upon you.

You are the one who would make me a Proud Grandmother. The Happiness of being a Grand Mother is Grand is all ways. You made me the Happiest I had ever been.

I want you to know that I love you immensely , May be a little more than my own children.

You are the Child that Destiny forgot to gave me.

Love you Forever

P.S – Look at my dreams :p I don’t even know If I’ll have a Son, already writing to my future daughter in law.

P.P.S – I wish our parents valued daughter in laws , just gave them what they deserved – LOVE.


3 thoughts on “A Letter to my Future Daughter in Law

  1. We can and should love our daughter in law immensely. But she will never become our daughter. Just a simple example. A daughter can take privilege and tell her mother “Shut Up Amma”. The mother will never think anything bad about it. What if the daughter in law utters those words to her mother in law?


  2. There are many many reasons why a girl can never love her MIL like her own Maa ( exceptions are always there ) You are judged for the things you do , expectations always touch the sky , You are restrained and bound to limits in the name of respect you got to show..

    I hope and wish that I never make my future DIL feel like she does not belongs…


  3. Even girls also are so rude and disrespectful, uncaring to their inlaws that they cant be loved ..they nevr love their MIL unconditionally as you said…I see the homes becoming a hell not heaven because of them…sorry..cant identify with this letter at all.


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