Things I wish I’d told People in my Past

” Be Practical in Life “

 Go and **** your Practicality. I was not born to fit in. You believe in abiding by the rules. I believe in breaking them. You believe in following the crowd. I believe in leading them. I don’t want to be Practical in Life. Emotions Rule me.

” Grow Up and be Mature ”

 I deny.Growing Up is a Trap. If maturity means you would be doing things that you don’t believe in and believing in things that you can’t practice. I am happy being a Child Forever.

“You are Ugly “

I feel sorry for your Ugly Soul who fails to see the Light,Love, and Beauty that resides within  me in abundance. Just in case nobody told you before – The World is a Mirror , what we see in others lies within us.

” You have no Aims in Life “

Yes , You got that Right. I got no Aims in Life , I got Dreams and sooner or later , I would materialize all of them while you sit inside your own dirt.

” You would sit and cry all your Life “

Oh , How much I wish I could say the same for you but Honey , I got  standards too high  to stoop down and curse someone.In the meanwhile , Wait and Watch me. You got so much more to be mad at

” Writing Diaries is a waste of Time “

Really ? An Established Writer earns more than your all Life combined Income in a Year

” That Man would never Marry You “

I am Married to him , Oh Happily Married to him. His parents love me way too much. Do you think you need to change your statements NOW?

” When I walk with her , people look at me and not Her “

I am sure they do. Shit catches more attention at first sight than flowers.

” Introduce me to your Friend. Is she Single? Would you help me get Married to her “

**** off 

” Don’t have such High Standards. They don’t suit You “

But Swear on God , this Shit suits your Mouth. Get a Life or Die.

” You have beautiful features , only if you had a lighter complexion too “

You have no brains clearly only if you had a little heart too.

” Your Dad will marry you off as soon you Graduate . Why do you need to do an  MBA”

I clearly understand why you are spending so much on your daughter’s education so that You can buy her a Decent Earning Husband. Forgive me but my Parents have bigger dreams for me than just getting me married to a Rich Man.



10 thoughts on “Things I wish I’d told People in my Past

  1. The World needs more WOMEN like you 🙂 Strong , Rebellious and Fearless..
    This post has inspired me so much to tolerate NOTHING , to have zero tolerance for bullshit people tell me.. Love..


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